Active Minds

The Active Minds group at Brock University is an on campus organization that has dedicated their time to raising awareness on mental health and suicide among college and university students, but more importantly to break the stigma behind mental health.


The various school chapters of Active Minds participate in fundraising activities and events to help raise awareness on mental health issues that students deal with more often than you’d think. From stress, to anxiety and depression, Active Minds holds events to help the students at Brock feel comfortable with who they are in their skin, and help work through the issues that seem too daunting to handle.

This group is one that I feel holds a huge amount of importance at Brock. Mental health needs to be maintained for a happy and successful life. For those that feel they have no one to talk to, no one that understands or no one willing to listen to their problems, Active Minds is there to tell you that you are not alone. Everyone faces some form of stress or other at some point in their lives, and being a University student can be quite stressful. From maintaining your grades, to financial struggle, to maintaining a social life and living up to parental and relationship expectations, University can be a daunting place. Active Minds is on campus to help that stress alleviate and to provide students with the resources, support and peers to get them through the struggles they’re facing.

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