A glimpse into the annual Grape Stomp

Cate Talaue (@talu3who)

Who’s gonna bring the blood and pain? Wait, that’s not right, let’s try this again. Who’s gonna bring the fun and spirit? You are! On Friday, Sept. 19, the Student Life and Community Experience department is kicking off this year’s special Homecoming weekend with Brock’s annual Grape Stomp event. Located in Jubilee Court from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., teams compiled of five students can come out and stomp the heck out of 70 bushels of red concord grapes, which equates to over one metric ton of this messy fruit.


Last year, this event saw almost 600 students come out, with an anticipation for even more participants this year. Colleen McGuire, the Events Coordinator for SLCE, said, “Grape Stomp is all about fostering a sense of community at Brock through a whole lot of fun! It is a way to blow off some steam before school really gets hectic.”

During O-Week, many students flocked to the Student Life vendor table just to see what Grape Stomp was all about, due in part to the massive picture board that was advertising this total grape carnage. This enthusiasm and interest just goes to show that students are beaming with Badger pride and can’t wait to take part in one of the messiest and long-standing traditions at Brock University.

Fourth-year Medical Science student Aamir Telia has participated in this event in the past and would without a doubt join in on the fun once more. Accompanied by his team called ‘The Grape Haterz,’ Jonathan Vaantaja, Dawood Parekh, Nathaniel Mannella, Season Chanthaphonh, and Telia himself were not afraid to get their hands and feet dirty.

“The greatest part about Grape Stomp isn’t the stomping, that only lasts about 60 seconds,” said Telia. “What happens after can only be described as an all out clash between teams, throwing handfuls of grape sludge at friends, and dodging the sticky projectiles from all directions. Most people combined their mats to produce slip-and-slides and that without a doubt was the best way to ‘run into’ (quite literally) the girl I’d been trying to talk to for weeks.”

In addition, various contests will be held throughout the duration of the event with prizes being given out for the following four categories: Best Stompers, Best Team Spirit, Best Dressed, and Best Community Spirit. Canned food donations are also being collected for Community Care St. Catharines and Thorold, with the team who brings in the biggest pile of canned goods winning the Community Spirit award.

It is important that teams of five pre-register for this event because spots fill up quickly! Students can do so by visiting experiencebu.brocku.ca and click on Grape Stomp for the registration form.

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