A few words with Chris Critelli


To get an insider perspective of the mechanics behind Homecoming, I spoke with Brock’s Athletic Director, Chris Critelli about the upcoming weekend.

A: It’s the 50th anniversary of Brock University opening its doors, and historically athletics plays a major role in the success of homecoming. What makes this year especially special for our varsity events and athletes this weekend?

C: The numbers that’s what makes it so exciting, we get good attendance for our winter sports but for our fall sports it is especially exciting, and it’s really all about you guys and the alumni, you’re what makes it exciting.

A: Obviously, there will be a great number of students and alumni at each game, how do you expect Brock’s athletes will handle what is most likely their largest crowd and spirited atmosphere of the year?

C: They’re athletes — they probably won’t notice while on the field because they’re so focused but they’ll definitely hear and notice the pageantry. But ultimately they’re working for their team and the coach so hopefully the crowd can support them in their goal.

A: The athletic director is often overlooked in Canada, which is probably a good thing as our athletic program seems to be operating smoothly from an outside perspective, but what specifically has Brock’s athletic department done to ensure a successful Homecoming?

C: Our Homecoming committee has worked to put on plenty of events; there will be a lot of tents and events around campus. We worked on the schedule in April and May to get the games tightly knit. And of course there will be plenty of events going on at Isaac’s and what have you. Specifically, in the athletic department we worked with alumni to participate in Homecoming weekend.

A: What are your expectations for the crowd?

C: To really enjoy (the games), and for the alumni that had a great experience at Brock, to come back and re-experience their time on campus.

A: Lastly, if you could sum up Homecoming in one word what would it be?

C: Sheer-energy. The energy that comes out of this is really fun. When there’s a crowd it makes for an energetic atmosphere

A: Thanks a lot.

C: No problem, Go Badgers.

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