5 changes for Brock’s 50th anniversary

Brock University statue


There are a lot of things to look out for this year at Brock as we celebrate Brock University’s 50th anniversary. Some more obvious than others, our university is making historical and efficient changes to make Brock an even better place to study. Here are five of the many changes Brock is making for Brock’s 50th anniversary.

Brock statue 

For those of you who have been around Schmon tower, you will notice the construction site where the statue of Sir Isaac Brock will soon tower among us. A budget of $1.2 million was donated to the project by David S. Howes and artist Danek Mozdzenski was selected from a list of 27 to design the statue. Mozdzenski is known commonly for his design of the statue of Lester Pearson at Parliament Hill. The statue is set to be revealed on October 9, closely coinciding with the 202nd anniversary of Sir Isaac Brock’s death on Oct 12, 1812. Additionally, the statue is also apparently only 19 kilometers from the battlefield where the general died.

New parking lot 

Parking changes will definitely make driving to school a lot easier for students. Two lots on campus will be made to provide flexibility for the students and the staff, especially at events on the east side of campus. Lot E, a lot with 46 parking spaces, will be renamed Lot E1 with no physical changes. Hourly and day parking will be available for Lot D on the west side of campus. Reserved A will have a section called E2 with 18 spaces. With the creation of E2, in total there will be approximately 64 parking spaces for students and staff on the east side of campus. Parking permits for these lots are available now. For more information, Parking Services can be contacted at x4309.

Printing services

For those that don’t have a printer of their own, printing at Brock has been nothing short of a hassle. After creating a printing card, making sure it’s filled with the old loonies and toonies, printing on campus has just seemed more daunting than ever. Well, no more of that – printing services has been changed to make the students’ lives easier at Brock. With a new single-print account, printing will not only be less complicated, but more convenient. Students will now be able to print in any lab using one balance with print vouchers that can be redeemed online, making putting funds into the account easier. Top up vouchers can be purchased from the Brock Bookstore, the James A. Gibson Library, the Hamilton campus and the Instructional Resource Centre with codes that can be entered online and used anywhere.

Brock’s seventh residence 

Just around the corner from Quarry View will be a brand new suite-style residence available for students in 2015-2016. Construction for Gateway Suites – Brock’s seventh residence – started in early July. The residence will be a home for 86 upper year, graduate and international students, providing a new kind of residence experience for students. The units will have three or four bedrooms with a different feel from the traditional and townhouse style dorms. Each suite will have appliances and come furnished.

Historical archives available online 

To celebrate Brock’s 50th anniversary, Special Collections and Archives at Brock has been digitizing some of Brock’s historical memories and artifacts. Items such as the university’s newspapers, newsletters and undergraduate and graduate calendars have been made available online to the public, creating another remarkable way of celebrating a fantastic 50 years. Special Collections and Archives said that they’ve had the idea for a long time according to Brock News. “These items represent a long-standing history of the University.” All items have been saved online as PDF files and can be found in the Library’s Digital Repository.

With these changes and more coming our way for the new school year, make sure to keep an eye out for the way our University is adapting to be an even better Brock.

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