Why work at the newspaper?

43297_werehiringAs you may have seen on the front page, we’re entering our hiring period for the next year’s editorial staff. Every year at this time we try to find the best possible staff of editors to produce next year’s volume, but every year we end up with few interviews. So I’d be remiss if I didn’t use this editorial space at least once to appeal the attention of potential hires.

I’m surprised that we get so few applicants each year, as I figured there would be more students interested in being part of the paper they enjoy, or alternatively improving the paper that they think could be better. This is, after all, a student newspaper.

Beyond the principle behind it, there are a number of benefits to this job that may not be apparent from the outside looking in. Allow me to elaborate.

The basics: an editorial position with the paper offers competitive weekly pay with student lifestyle in mind. The hours are flexible, essentially set by staff members outside our production day (once a week). What’s more, we’re located right on-campus, making the office a convenient spot to get work done in between classes.

The skills learned and honed on the job are applicable beyond the operations of the newspaper industry. Simply being able to research, analyse and explain something is valuable in nearly any professional setting. In holding an editorial position, you gain hours of experience writing, researching and editing, which will benefit nearly any career you choose to pursue.

That’s not to overlook the fact that a great deal of what you write about is related to Brock in one way or another. A by-product of a press job is being more aware of the happenings at Brock, and within national and international news. So not only would you be gainfully employed, but you’d be a more engaged member of the community simply by doing your job.

There is an exciting nature to the job too, as you get another chance each week to get better at what you do. Through the steady 7-day routine, you get opportunity after opportunity to hone your craft and improve yourself, making it that much more beneficial to your skill set.

Should you be unable to commit to the workload, or are unsure of your ability, the Press offers other opportunities for employment. In the fall, just weeks after the start of term we will begin looking for assistant editors and staff writers, who are paid by the article. Beyond that there’s always room for more volunteer contributors.

When I first started at the newspaper it was just a job; it gave me something to do, something to learn and even a little money for it. But since then its become so much more, an integral part of my life that I identify by. Don’t pass up your chance at the same thing.

If you’re a Brock student looking for gainful employment in an engaging area of our community, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

-Tim Stacey

For more information about working with the Brock Press, please e-mail editor@brockpress.com

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