We here at The Brock Press want to help you with your relationship problems, as we have little to no skill in dealing with our own.

If you are having a relationship problem, you can get free, confidential, professional help by calling Brock Personal Counselling Service’s appointment line at Ext. 4750.

Have a relationship question you need some “advice” on?


  1. It was my turn to facilitate our class’s seminar last week. My laptop was hooked up to the projection screen and without noticing, my porn was on the screen. I’m horrified! How do I face my classmates again?” -Porn101
  2. “My crush keeps his ‘read receipts’ on. When I text him, I know he has read my message but he never replies. What should I do?”
  3. - Lonelytexter
  4. “The girl that sits beside me in class always smells. I have tried to switch seats but the professor has assigned seating in all his classes. The smell is unbearable and I don’t know what I’m going to do for the rest of the semester. Help please!” - Stinkbegone
  5. “I have the biggest crush on one of the Isaacs bouncers. I go every Thursday, for him but he has no idea who I am. How do I get him to notice me?” – Drunkinlove
  6. “I’m in first year and my new boyfriend never takes me anywhere nice for dates. We only go to places on campus where he can use his meal plan. I want to be dined and romanced somewhere fancy. How do I get him to take me somewhere nice?” -Withcheapguy

he said

  1. You’re just going to have to own it next time you walk into class. Just be the guy or girl who is always watching porn in class. You’ll make a lot of friends.
  2. You should probably realize that he doesn’t like you by now. Send him a nude and then if he doesn’t reply to you, then I think it is time for you to move on.

  3. Show up to class with nose plugs, an air freshener, a scented candle and lady deodorant for her. Tell her Christmas came early and that you’re doing her a favour.

  4. Try to get his attention by starting a fight. Hopefully that bouncer is the one that kicks you out, and if he does, tell him you love him and hopefully you will live happily ever after.

  5. You’re in your first year of university, why are you looking to go somewhere nice? Take every free meal you can, no matter how you get them. You’re going to be swimming in chicken zinger wraps and mozzarella sticks by the end of the year.

she said

  1. You’re always going to be THAT guy that watches porn, so suck it up! Your classmates may think you’re creepy but that’s okay. We’re all misunderstood.
  2. He’s totally playing hard to get. Screw technology and go for that face-to-face interaction. Approach him and call him out on ignoring your messages. If all goes well, you’ll have a new boyfriend.

  3. Buy her perfume and call it a random act of kindness. Hopefully she will appreciate the gesture and wont think you are a total creep!

  4. Stop being lame, make your move and if it doesn’t go well, just blame it on the alcohol. The semester is almost over, now is your time to express yourself!

  5. He should probably break up with you for being so ungrateful. Food is food. Appreciate him now or else some other girl will. Do you want to be single?


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