Lock the door on your way out: Thorold Community Theatre

David Burnham - Brock Press

David Burnham – Brock Press

David Burnham- Brock Press

David Burnham- Brock Press

By: Matthew von Lukawiecki- Staff Writer

Everyone remembers the day they left home to go to university: being dropped off at the dorm, the long car-ride of tears, fears and excitement. Maybe your dad shook your hand and your mom hugged you more tightly than you could bare. No matter what that moving day was like for you and your family it was an experience that no doubt changed your life in some way.

This spring, Thorold Community Theatre is performing one of their semi-annual plays on just that subject. The play, entitled Alone Together, was written by Lawrence Roman. The play follows the Butler family and their struggles with their children becoming ‘boomerang kids’. Meaning that after their kids leave home, they end up back on their doorstep not too long after. While this may seem like a protective parents’ dream, it may not for those parents who have grown accustomed to privacy. The boomerang-ing begins when their youngest son, Keith (played by David Redfearn), moves out to university leaving their California home behind him. The relief of his parents, George and Helene (played by Michael Cece and Teresa Wilson), doesn’t last as their oldest son, Michael (played by Jonathan Phillips, local Brock University student) and his brother Elliot (played by Ryan Lunn) move back in immediately due to complications in their lives. Comedic friction ensues as the house-hold tries to come to terms with the return of their children and the addition of a stranger who moves into the house (played by Lauren Muli).

The Thorold Community Theatre has deep roots in the area as next year will be their 30th year putting on plays in the Thorold area. The plays are put on in the community hall of Trinity United Church on Pine Street in Thorold. They perform two plays each year, Alone Together being their second. The troupe also put on Murder Mysteries in order to raise money for their seasonal productions.

The process undertaken to bring one of these plays to life is rather extensive. The executives of the Thorold Community Theatre accept submissions by various directors from the area to decide who will be the director and what play they will be directing. Each director is required to submit four plays and then the executives first choose the director they want and then they choose which of the four plays they want to have performed.

Alone Together was chosen based on its relevance to the community as well as its wildly comedic script.

The director selected for this production is Catherine Warrener. The director had a personal connection to the play as she had played Helene Butler in a previous performance in Grimsby. The director’s most attended directorial work so far was when 1,440 individuals came out during her production of Maggie’s Getting Married. Warrener hopes to beat her own record with this production. They are expecting a minimum of 1,400 attendees but are hoping to see a larger number of students than they have had in the past based on the plays relevance to the Brock community.

Alone Together will be playing at the Trinity United Church in Thorold from March 28 to 30, from April 4 to 6 with additional shows April 11 and 12. All the shows start at 8:00 p.m. except for the shows on March 30 and April 6 which are at 2:00 p.m.

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