Immortalizing our namesake — Sir Isaac Brock

March.25.AL.StatueThe Brock community is no stranger to seeing the name and imagery of Sir Isaac Brock posted around the University – from large scale paintings in Market, to adding his name to our in-school convenience store. In all this Isaac Brock exposure, students tend to gradually become numb as to what that name really represents.

Brock University commissioned the building of a statue that will bear Sir Isaac Brock’s likeness. The statue is to be erected on the front-lawn of the University.

With the new statue, hopefully we will be able to return true meaning to the name, rather than making Sir Isaac Brock a poster-boy for the University. This simply must be a better way to honour Brock’s life than creating an ambiguous anagram for his name (SAKAI) on the University’s online service.

Here’s hoping that with this new statue being erected for Brock 50th Anniversary, students will always associate their school with the characteristic heroics and Canadian heritage of General Sir Isaac Brock. This statue is set to be unveiled at a ceremony in September at its future site in-front of the Schmon Tower.

Danek Mozdzenski was selected last summer as the designer of the future monument of Brock. The project is supported by a $1 million dollar gift from David S. Howes, who has also supported the University in the building the David S. Howes Theatre.

This bronze statue is currently being crafted in Oregon, leading to the final image that we will see unveiled in Sept. In addition to the highly complex and pivotal construction of the statue itself, the monolith also has to be transported to the campus.

Although Brock students weren’t commissioned to design the statue, it will surely bring about a greater sense of pride to the campus.

With the help of this bronze guardian standing among other works like the Brock Bullet and the Pathways of Possibility, students will no doubt see more value in their four-year education than simply a degree.

Much like the battlefield on which Gen. Brock died, that lies so close to the campus, the classroom is also a place to build character. Gen. Brock showed his character and has since been turned into an icon of heroism, loyalty and perseverance. Although heading into our individual classrooms is not risking life or death, it will inevitably bring out our character. Let the statue of Sir Isaac Brock, adorning the main entrance of our fine University show that true character presents itself in times of adversity.

It’s not simply a statue. It’s a declaration that we’re not just badgers and students, but we’re soldiers that must maintain the lofty character and moral standards that Brock himself set for Niagara and Canada.

The statue will be unveiled in September and I predict a lot of selfies will be taken with the bronze image following that ceremony.

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