Film Preview: Godzilla

Godzilla-2014The Godzilla ideology and licence has definitely seen varied and unique forms of representation. From the 1954’s flagship Godzilla to the 1985 North Korean propaganda film based on Godzilla called, Pulgasari and 1998’s comedic Godzilla. Thankfully, the upcoming Godzilla release from Legendary Pictures neither tries to be funny nor raise awareness of Kim Jong Un’s fabulous empire. Instead the film looks to provide a grounded and gritty take on the most terrifying Godzilla yet.

Legendary has recently released the second full-length trailer for the film which has given audiences a better indication of what they expect when they go see the film this summer.

Following the ghostly sounds of abandonment and the crashing of the earth as it crumbles beneath an unknown force’s scaly claws, we hear Bryan Cranston issuing a warning to the world. Cranston, best known obviously for his poignant role in Malcolm in the Middle, plays a vocal nuclear physicist who warns the American government and the population about the oncoming consequences of atomic testing and nuclear proliferation.

As any good monster film does, Godzilla is used minimally, making those brief glimpses of his spine as it rises out of the Pacific Ocean or the obstructed view of his giant eyes all the more compelling.

Additionally the film will take place throughout a diverse range of environments. Ranging from San Francisco where Godzilla makes contact to Las Vegas and possibly even a more Pacfifc environment like Japan. This is a bigger Godzilla than you remember and fittingly, a larger world-scale.

The film is confirmed to feature other creatures as well that are employed by humanity to take down the ultimate Godzilla threat. One of those shown in the trailer is a glowing orange tentacle-like creature, little is known about what these monsters will be. Regardless of their characteristics, here’s betting that America will probably think they can control them (and that’s probably going to be a bad idea).

The massive scale of destruction, the sublimity of Godzilla itself and the serious and compelling plot of the film looks promising, now all we can do is wait until its Summer release to see if the film itself is something that we should be launching back into the ocean.

-Steve Nadon

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