Fed Up AGM

Fed Up The Affordable Food Project is having their Annual General Meeting and as a student at Brock, you are invited to attend. The meeting is happening on Wednesday March 26 at 5:00 p.m. The meeting’s agenda includes voting on the incoming 2014/2015 board of directors and organisational bylaws. An auditor will be approved by the membership for the required yearly audit. The meeting will also cover several reports, including a financial state of affairs and an annual general report with highlights from the 2013/2014 year’s programming and projects. All members of the Brock community are allowed to and encouraged to attend. The meeting will take place in Sankey Chamber. Minutes will be posted publicly following the meeting on www.FeedBrock.org and will be presented to student council.

Part of Fed Up The Affordable Food Project’s existing policies mandates transparent advertising to allow all Brock students the opportunity to attend and participate as members in their Annual General Meetings.

With one year terms a new full board of directors for The Affordable Food Project will be elected. The composition of open seats (7) follows: At least Four (4) student-at-large representatives, and up to Two (2) past Brock students, and One (1) member of the Brock University Students’ Administrative Council.

Membership inquires for The Affordable Food Project can be directed to food@YourBrock.org. Membership remains open year-round though those wishing to vote in the 2014 AGM are encouraged to confirm as members before March 25.

As a non-profit incorporation The Affordable Food Project’s Statement of Purpose as submitted to Corporations Canada is “To increase the accessibility of affordable and healthy food for students through the distribution of low-cost food while providing educational opportunities for people to learn about the production and preparation of affordable and healthy food.”

To get more information on Fed Up The Affordable Food Project see www.FeedBrock.org

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