Employment Opportunities 2014 – 2015

Employment Opportunities 2014 – 2015
The Brock Press

Throughout March 2014, The Brock Press will begin holding information sessions and interviews for the hiring process of the 2014-2015 staff. As a student-based organization, we aim to provide gainful employment to students, as well as to help them grow and learn in an exciting workplace setting.

*Remember, no experience is required to work with us; we want to help you develop your skills in writing, editing and whatever else the job requires.

How to apply:

To be eligible for employment with The Brock Press you must be enrolled as a student at Brock University during your time of employment.

To apply for one or more of the available positions, please prepare a resume, cover letter and three examples of writing (press style writing such as articles are best, but essays, reports and other examples will suffice). Please be sure to indicate what position(s) you will be applying for.

The application can be submitted via email (employment@brockpress.com) or in person at our office (SAC 204a) during business hours.

Applicants will be contacted shortly after to arrange an interview.

What you need to know about the job:

The positions are on contract from July 2014 – April 2015. During the summer, there will be training sessions and two issues to be produced, which will require staff attendance, however minimal.

*If you are applying but will be unavailable during the summer months (due to travel, other jobs, etc), please be sure to make note of it in your application.

At The Brock Press, Mondays are our busiest day, as this is when we layout, edit and produce the paper for distribution on Tuesdays. Applicants should be aware that employees with a high number of class hours on Mondays often have a difficult time getting their work done. As such, hired applicants will be expected to arrange their Monday class schedule around their work schedule. The rest of the work is done throughout the week on each staff member’s time, as they see fit. This allows for a very flexible schedule that fits around classes.

Section editors are responsible for the planning, compilation and production of their section each week for the newspaper. This involves writing, managing an assistant, staff writers and contributors and subsequently meeting weekly deadlines to ensure that the section is complete each week. Section editors are paid an honorarium of $200 per issue.

*Should your application to one of these positions be unsuccessful, please be aware that we will be hiring Assistant Editors in the new semester, which is a great opportunity to gain experience within the student journalism setting and increase eligibility as an applicant to the following year’s editing staff.

Available Positions

Internal News Editor – This section specifically covers on-campus news, including University affairs, coverage of BUSU, clubs, student events/initiatives and other relevant content.

External News Editor – This section covers any news, politics or global events that pertain to students, at the local, national and international levels.

Specialty News Editor – This section rotates between three focuses each week: Health (exercise, nutrition, mental health, etc.), Business (finance and other relevant news) and Technology (new products, video game reviews, etc).

Opinion Editor – This section compiles opinion pieces, editorials and letters to the editor, focusing on student-related issues and contributions.

Arts and Life Editor – This section covers anything arts related (Brock students’ fine arts productions and events, local St Catharines music scene), as well as reviews of films, books, comics, literature and more.

Sports Editor – This section covers Badger’s Varsity sports and well as professional league sports.

Layout Editor – Unlike section editors, the layout editor will not be required to written or edit a specific section. The layout editor is responsible for the layout of ads, articles and pictures throughout the entire issue. Knowledge of Adobe InDesign and Photoshop is recommended for applicants to this position, as well as a creative visual sense.

Chief Photographer – This position is responsible for the majority of photos used in the newspaper each week. This involves working with section editors to get the right photos (on-campus events, local events, varsity sports, etc.) as well as the editing and digital enhancement of photos

Distribution Manager – The distribution manager is responsible for delivering the newspapers on Tuesdays, both on campus and throughout the local area (Applicants must have access to a car). The Distribution Manager is paid an honorarium of $90 per issue.

Please keep in mind…

There are plenty of opportunities to work with us! If you are not hired for an editor position, we offer staff writer positions (pay per article, no other obligations). Furthermore, we are always looking for more volunteer contributors and editors!

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