If you’re a fan of motivational speeches, inspirational conversations or examples of leadership from peers, then you should clear your calendar for March 26 to attend Brocktalks 2014. This first ever student leadership speaker series aimed at giving passionate Brock University students a chance to share what they are passionate about.

“Students will benefit by experiencing education for free. We believe that this event will promote students being positive and more engaged in the learning that they take part in as University students,” explained Natasha Davey, a fifth-year concurrent education student and one of project planners.

Davey has been on a team to get this event to happen since September 2013. Through promotional material, the team brought an impressive amount of interested speakers and had to boil down the list to 12 speakers. The application process included making a five-minute YouTube video pitching their presentation topic and answering a thought-provoking questionnaire. The process ensured that the speakers were motivated, creative and passionate individuals who would be able to reach the audiences masses.

“The majority of the speakers are Brock University speakers mainly who have been involved on campus as student leaders during their studies at Brock. We also have Aaron House who is a Brock University staff member speaking, he has been engaged with student leaders for many years and is speaking about “What is Wrong With Leadership?” We are hoping that these student leaders can share what they have learned throughout their experiences,” said Davey.

Davey also explained the event has been designed so the speakers will be present at the end of the talk for the audience members to indulge in personal conversations on how to further their own passions. At the end of the presentations, a career fair to be set up will allow speakers time to share their affiliations promoting audience members to become more knowledgeable about making a change and getting involved with new passions.

Passion, knowledge, inspiration for free: what do you have to lose? Davey agrees, and hopes that students take advantage of the opportunity. “Participants should be excited about Brock Talks happening as there has been nothing like it before on the Brock campus. The idea is for the event to grow every year evolving into a well known event! March 26 will be a chance for people to inspire, motivate and spark positive change at Brock, in Niagara and beyond.”

In order to attend, participants must reserve a spot and sign up at

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