Brock U Style: 90s’ edition

I’m a ‘90s kid, so I long for the bitter-sweetness of the past; anything that reminds me of my childhood has my instant vote. With my ongoing love of the ‘90s era, I couldn’t be more happy and excited that the spring/summer ’14 runways were filled with ‘90s attributes. I can dress like 10-year-old-me again but hopefully a little more fashionable.

The ‘90s are back full force and I’m here to share how you can incorporate this trend into your spring & summer wardrobe.


The ‘90s were filled with overalls – especially denim pairs. Whether you wore them with one strap, no strap or both straps, everyone has owned a pair of overalls in their lifetime. Even our favourite 90s celebrities sported the infamous overall: ‘N Sync, Will Smith and TLC.

The overalls that walked down the runway were fitted, non-denim fabrics and had tapered legs- a little more fashionable than the pair I was sporting years ago.

Crop Tops

Think about your favourite ‘90s female pop singers, what do they all have in common? CROP TOPS! It was always abs out, front and centre.

You can even pair it with a matching skirt, take some inspiration from Sher and Dionne from Clueless!

Bare midriffs are here to stay (I say this as I reach for a box of cookies), so now is the time to embrace your inner Gwen Stefani and crop-it-out.

Sports Wear

Fashion gets a little relaxed with some ‘90s sports wear. Think slouchy track pants, varsity jackets, jersey material and sneakers. Even if you’re not athletic, you can still look it. Game on, my fashion-forward friends.

Slip Dress

Minimal slip dress were major in the 90s and have made their way back into our lives. Instant flashbacks of Cher’s white Calvin Klein dress that her dad wasn’t a fan of. With barely-there straps, these dresses are delicate, simple and feminine.

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