Brock Creative Writer’s Club anthology

Brittany_Anthology 01By: Matthew Von Lukawiecki- Staff Writer

If you are an avid writer, or maybe if you attended the vendor fair in the fall, you may know that Brock has its very own creative writing club. The Brock University Creative Writing Club is a group of writers of many different styles who come together to enjoy their passion for words, rhymes and stories together. The group is full of writers who wish to improve their writing and the club provides that, as well as a non-judgemental place to share their writing with others with the same aspirations and same love for the written word. It’s a club for all those who just love writing.

“Anybody can join,” said Alex Preston, current President of the club. “We’ve had people from all sorts of different majors from Accounting, to Drama majors and the typical English majors. Really just anybody can join.”

Joining the group is also a very straight forward process. Since it is a BUSU organized club, membership is open to every student and the fee is only five dollars per member.

The club regularly sponsors events to promote stronger writing. These events include multiple writers’ workshops that runs on a weekly basis. The workshops are led by experienced and passionate club members who are able to both edit and facilitate creativity in situations where individuals find it difficult to write.

“Essentially you bring a piece to the workshop and you can share it amongst your peers. Maybe it’s something you need help with or something you wrote that you think is cool, either way you can share it get some suggestions and constructive criticism to help you along,” explained Preston.

Even if you don’t have a piece to share there is no need to fear. When there is nothing to share the editors leading the workshop will give out a prompt for the writers to work with and see what they can do in the hopes that it will turn into something worthwhile. On top of the writing workshops they also try to put on monthly readings at Fine Grinds in downtown St. Catharines where people can share works of poetry via open mic night.

Every year the writing club pulls its creative abilities together in order to produce an anthology of the student works.

Preston explained, “It’s the biggest project that we have. It’s basically a book filled with all sorts of writing. Poetry, short stories and everything in between. It only includes Brock writers who are members of the club and decided to include their work for it.”

This year’s writing anthology will be available for purchase in early April. You can purchase one by contacting the Brock University Creative Writing Club at It can be purchased for $10 and all proceeds go towards the production of next year’s anthology. The project is entirely funded by the money that the club collects during the year through its membership fees, book sales, anthology sales and other donations. Anyone looking for some good reading and a way to support the arts at their school should get themselves a copy of the anthology when it comes out this April.

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