Blueprint competition made plans become reality

photo 3On March 5, Brock University held its annual Blueprint, proving Brock’s continued interest in promoting its student entrepreneurial spirit.

In keeping with the framework of the previous years’ Blueprint event, applications were sent in, finalists were selected and offered a chance to pitch their ideas before a panel of judges. Of course, various monetary prizes were offered for each award recipient.

Starting off the pitch was Food in a Box, a company founded by a group of friends in first- year that looked to connect local grocers with students via a highly convenient delivery service.

Following Food in a Box was Intella Talk, a product that aims to develop a vastly superior speaking aid, which would learn with the child. The innovation of Intella Talk is that it combines the cost-effectiveness of simmilar products with the universality of web based servers.

Next up was Niagara Screening’s pitch on a product that they claimed could safely remove pesticides and other toxins from plants, grains vegetables and fruits. The product works by strengthening the plant as opposed to targeting the toxins which most similar products do.

Last but certainly not least was Golden Rose Enterprises, a company that looked to expand its business to universities across the region by targeting athletes to run an outdoor cleaning service that strives to uphold a “Gold”(as in Gold Rose), standard.

Followign the contestants pitches, the judges left to decide who would win the much covited prize money. In the end, all but one of the contestants walked away with distinctions.

Michael Medland, a student of the Computer Science Department at Brock University as well as head developer of Medland Research and the recipient of the Blueprint Scholarship Award, commented that he was, “Ecstatic about the business connections I have built through this program. I’m absolutely elated. This money will be exactly what I need to finish my product,” remarked Medland, head developer of Medland Research and the recipient of the Blueprint Scholarship Award.

Dalton Sceele, one of the members of Food In a Box stated that, “It feels great being a first year and coming out to these events and competing with students who have been developing their ideas for years.”

“It just feels really good to put some funding behind our ideas,” commented Sceele after wining the Badgers’ choice award as well as receiving the Nitsopoulos Entrepreneurial award.

“It’s great that there are competitions and resources that encourage entrepreneurial students to pursue an idea or expand their existings’ benchers,” remarked Ian Poulin, another one of the Food in a Box team members.

Founder and CEO of Golden Rose Enterprises, as well as VPFA elect of BUSU Kyle Rose, discussed in an interview the problem that faces many young students face.

“A lot of the time, people don’t pursue their dreams.People opening the ideas of dreaming up to students create and change their circumstances for the better.”

Rose also received the Nitsopoulos Entrepreneurial award, marking the first time in Brock’s past that two recipients where selected.

Following the end of the proceeding Jackie Crawford, one of the judges representing Career Services, discussed the quality of Brock students who presented, stating that she was, “Thrilled with the proceedings today. All the presenters presented with professionalism that far exceeded our expectations.”

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