After coldest winter in 20 years, the snow and cold is expected to stay

David_Winter_01By:Celia Carr- Assistant External News Editor

Don’t put away the winter coats just yet, because although March has arrived, The Canadian Weather Network has predicted that the weather will stay cold for the next few weeks.

Within the Niagara region and surrounding areas, we will see extreme cold again as low as minus 30. As well, it is likely southern Ontario will be experiencing more snow storms as of yet.

According to chief meteorologist Chris Scott, we’ll see a dramatic turnaround in later months. Scott believes that spring will come, and it will feel very sudden. Of course, this isn’t news most Canadians wanted to hear; in fact, this has been one of the coldest winters in Canada in over 20 years. However, the Weather Network predicts the warmer weather should come in April. According to Scott, “We don’t really get into the more consistently nice spring weather until the middle of April”. For people in the Maritimes and Newfoundland, you can expect near normal temperatures, according the Weather Network. Scott says that March is going to be tough this year.

The GTA will see a “slow start to spring,” according to Weather Network meteorologist Dayna Vettese. While winter will not stick around forever, the cold weather we’ve been experiencing this weekend is expected to last through March, Vettese said.

“There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s just a longer tunnel,” she said. This winter’s colder than usual temperatures and snow storms have kept warm weather at bay. “The abundance of snow that we had this winter is helping to delay the onset of spring,” Vettese explained.

“Certainly it takes a lot more energy to melt that snow and warm the surface,” Vettese said. Not to mention that the snow itself makes the surface feel colder for Torontonians.

Temperatures for the Toronto-area are expected to be near normal or just slightly below zero throughout March and going into April.

While the next two months will be slightly colder than average, Vettese explained that the guarantee of longer days means the sun will be out longer and the surface area will start to warm up.

According to the chief meteorologist, a dip in the jet stream is the reason for the lingering winter season in Canada. Scott also added, “don’t let the long winter discourage you away from the possibility of a great spring. You’ll have to wait for the snow in your yard to melt, but the time will come soon.”

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