kyleKyle Rose

1. Why are you running for VPFA? 

I am running for the position of Vice President of Student Services because I believe I have been at this school long enough and involved in this school long enough to understand what changes need to be made to give students what they want.  I believe that this is also the best position for myself as well because the way the position is structured is the perfect way for me to utilize all of my knowledge and experience I’ve earned at Brock. I’ve been developing ideas for this portfolio for the last few years and some of these ideas have been implemented by the previous VPSS executives, and that is just another reason why I believe I am fit for the position and why I am running for the position.

2. What are the current major issues at Brock which will need to be addressed during your term, if elected?

The major issues at Brock I have thoroughly planned to address include student financial-literacy and awareness of services (existing and new that will be coming in September like an online budget generator accessible to all students, online textbooks etc.), developing long-term sponsorships via developing relationships with our community within the Niagara region (so that we do not need to charge additional fees in order to provide more and better services, encouraging students to have be proud Brock Badgers who are equally proud to be pursuing their individual degree, and to address the financial standing of the university and BUSU respectively I plan to focus on contributing to the effort that will make Brock a more sustainable university who utilizes sustainable energy (via Solar Panels, sustainable light bulbs that use less energy etc).

3. What is the single most important point of your platform?

The single most important point from my platform has to do with student financial-literacy and awareness of services new and old. Part one is working with the VPEA and SAFA towards the creation and implementation of a service for students who are using OSAP where they will have a more user friendly, and personally involved method(s) of asking questions and becoming educated regarding OSAP policy. Such methods will allow students to ask questions as well as receive help with respect to appealing decisions, staying informed and conveying their circumstance appropriately. Methods could include any or all of the following structures: A phone line via Brock/Student Awards & Financial Aid, a text message friendly phone line, a web page, a Twitter account, a Facebook page and/or an email. Part two of this focus is the revamping or re-creation of a website that students may use to discover and access all of the scholarships, bursaries and grants that are offered to students in Canada especially via banks, grocery stores etc. This plan is continued with the forming of a renovated OneApp service that is integrated with said funding opportunities. Part Three is adding an online budget generator to the Brock website for students to genuinely budget not just according to where there money should be going, however to where it is actually going (and being able to do so as much as they deem appropriate). The final part of this plan is a year  full of workshops and promotion of the services we plan to offer beginning with the Smart Start where many first year students first get to know Brock.

 4. Imparting words and slogans.

I would just add my addition to the quote mentioned previously, “Be the change you want to see, it starts with me and it ends with we.” I say this because I sincerely believe that the next step in the right direction for the Brock student voice to be heard begins with voting for Kyle Rose to be the next VPFA and ends with us moving forward as a family to achieve our goals together. Thank you for taking the time to read this folks, if you have a concern it is an important one no matter how small. If it is important to you it is important to me and by extension BUSU.

Michael Nash

Michael1. Why are you running for VPFA? 

As an accounting major, I believe that I am well suited for the roles and responsibilities of the position.

2. What are the current major issues at Brock which will need to be addressed during your term, if elected?

I believe that the largest issue is that many students are not always informed about what is going on around the school and with student government.

3. What is the single most important point of your platform?

I would like to work with the University to build bus shelters to protect students from the extreme winds and cold temperatures at the base of the tower. For example, many students take coach busses to go home, in the winter time, waiting 20-30 minutes outside can be very unpleasant.

HarishHarish Aggarwal

1. Why are you running for VPFA? 

After learning BUSU’s finances inside and out these past 3 years as chair of the board of directors, I believe a transition to the VPFA role is very fitting. Being with the organization for many years, I know first-hand the many initiatives and platform points of past executives that did not get addressed nor were paid attention to. I am running for VPFA to tackle some of these projects and ideas that may have been forgotten about.

Students deserve an experienced, accountable executive and that is what I am going to give them. I believe far too many great initiatives never got the proper attention, and typically only the “hot platform points” are addressed appropriately.

As an example, each year changes are made to bus routes and students have to cope with them because they have burdened more than they have helped. I am willing to start getting student feedback on buses and many other issues the minute I am elected, and work to make those suggestions reality.

Learning under four separate sets of BUSU executives, I know first-hand what is actually feasible and what can be done something my opponents will be quickly stunned by if elected.

What about cheaper textbooks, bus shelters, more food options, or a new BUSU building promised in the past? These issues are often campaigned about, but never reach the light of day.

If the students demand it, I will work for it. Vote for me, and let my experience work for you.

2. What are the current major issues at Brock which will need to be addressed during your term, if elected?

The price and selection of food on campus: We need to listen to students and keep lobbying the university to provide more fair food prices and healthier options. I will continue to support groups like FedUp Brock and listen to students every step of the way.

Textbooks: Nothing has been done about Brock’s textbook situation. Students are tired of paying high unfair prices at the school bookstore. BUSU must push the university to lower its prices, or create a textbook exchange program for students.

The Student Life Fee: Where is your money going? We need to enforce more accountability on the university with the spending of YOUR student life fee levy. The students voted for it, and the students should know exactly where it is going.

Better Bussing: There are still large gaps in student bus routes. The addition of new routes and modification of existing routes for ALL municipalities is needed to ensure better student access and greater convenience.

Turf Field: Many complain about not enough student-accessible recreation space at Brock, this is why I will continue to push for the building of the new football-ready turf field, WITHOUT spending any new student dollars.

A New Building: The students have spoken. More study space and club space is gravely needed at Brock. This is why it is important the right steps are taken NOW to ensure BUSU has a part in what could be a new building at Brock University.

Parking: You pay hundreds a year for a parking pass, only to come to a full lot or to endure a fifteen minute walk in the cold? Brock University needs to rectify the parking situation, as students are not happy with this.

Vote for me, and let my experience work for you.

 3. What is the single most important point of your platform?

Let’s listen to students. It is the students’ money and vote, so it should be their voice represented. I want to make BUSU a student-centred student union. You should have the say on where your money goes. You should have the say what bus routes need to be changed. If you want cheaper food options, it is our job to lobby on your behalf to make that a reality. My most important platform point is listening to the students from day one. They can trust in my experience and accountability to show them what services are available for them, display to them where and how their money is being spent, and push for their wants and needs.

As my platform explains: #1- Increase the student experience at Brock.

#2- Ensure the greater accountability, transparency, and efficiency of BUSU.

Vote for me, and let my experience work for you.

 4. Imparting words and slogans.


With 3 years of BUSU Board experience, I am the only candidate who knows how to make real change happen  and with your support that’s what we’re going to do!

  1. I’m going to make YOUR student experience BETTER at Brock
  2. I’m going to increase the TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and EFFICIENCY of BUSU


Add and modify BUS ROUTES based on YOUR feedback

Advocate for more healthy and affordable FOOD OPTIONS on campus

Ensure you know where YOUR MONEY is being spent at all times

Continue to push for a football-ready TURF FIELD and new BUSU building

Oversee that Brock is spending your ancillary fees APPROPRIATELY

Increase BUSU-administered SCHOLARSHIPS and bursaries


It’s your school, your money, and your voice let’s create a truly STUDENT-CENTRED student union.

With your vote, we can move forward and make the coming years ones to remember!

Next week’s issue will have answers from the Vice President – External Affairs
(VPEA), Board of Directors and President candidates.

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