Board of Directors Candidates

sergi-140x196Antonio Sergi

Why are you running for Board of Directors?

I am running for the a position on the Board of Directors because my experience at Brock the last four years has given me a wide range of student opinions which will be a valuable asset when sitting on the Board of Directors and contributing to the decision making process. It is my intention to act as the voice of the students to insure that Brock University STUDENTS Union puts the best interest of students first and foremost in every action it takes.

During my term, if elected, the executive team will have several very serious issues arise which they must deal with. These could include; the FedUp initiative, CFBU -Brock Radio’s future, upcoming Municipal elections, OSAP issues, the formation of the new students’ building, and many more. It is the intention of these elections to select the candidates in each executive race which best represent the students’ interests in decision making processes on these, and many more issues. If elected, I will work with the incoming executives, as well as encourage as much student input as possible so that decisions made in the future are the true will of the students, after all, students are the ones who’s hard earned money allows for the continuation of these programs and the development of our future.

2. What is the single most important point of your platform?

The Board of Directors mandate does not allow for a widespread platform as is required for other positions in this executive election. Having said that, the most important part of my platform is to represent the student voice at the board level. I plan on doing this by ensuring BUSU’s accountability, transparency, and responsibility to the students. If elected I will ensure that students are aware of the issues occurring within BUSU and around Brock, encourage their input and engagement, and push for realistic changes which they hope to see on campus.

Over the past 4 years I have been an engaged student at Brock in many different areas across campus and interacted with thousands of administrators, parents, staff, faculty, politicians, lobby groups and most importantly the STUDENTS. It is for these reasons I know that I would be a good representation of the Brock community, as well as the Student Voice, on the Board of Directors. If elected I will ensure that BUSU acts responsibly by demonstrating transparency and accountability in all of their decisions, policies, practices, and legal affairs. I encourage students to visit all candidates in the halls, get informed and cast a ballot through their BrockMail on Feb 11th, 12th, and 13th and elect the best qualified executive and BOD team possible. #BrockStudentExperience #SergiOnBoard.

gao-140x196Yi Gao

1. Why are you running for Board of Directors?

I am running for Board of director because I have a passion on it. After one year on board, I know that board of director is the position that can fully use my knowledge and experience to help student to make BUSU a more exciting organization and also make Brock University a more inclusive community. Most importantly, I want to represent those students in need , I want to tell everyone that I care about the future of Brock and BUSU. I decided to step up and doing something for everyone rather than standing there and wait for someone come to change it.

2. What are the current major issues at Brock which will need to be addressed during your term, if elected?

I think student engagement for BUSU is still a problem. Especially this year, only one candidate is running for president. Last time this happening is 2002. I feel that there is something more we can do to promote BUSU. Even though it is not really under my power. But I will contact with future VPEA and BUSU advocacy team to find out what the issue is.

3. What is the single most important point of your platform?

My most important priority is to make BUSU financially accountable. As my major responsibility is the allocation of all monies of the Corporation. Other than that, I will coordinate with BUSU marking team and GM to enhance the performance of our employees and develop strategies to generate more money from the current business we have to support student clubs and activities.


Chris Yendt

1. Why are you running for Board of Directors?

I’m running for the two year seat on the Board of Directors because I believe that it is the best way to manage the obligations of my program with continuing my involvement with the students’ union. Obviously BUSU has been a major part of my life for the past three years and I want to see others get the same experience through being involved as well. A position on the Board will allow me to provide that kind of key, critical oversight and support. It has been a tremendous opportunity to serve both the student body and the students’ union in the position of Vice-President, Finance and Administration and I hope to continue that same level of service and dedication in a different capacity next year.

2. What are the current major issues at Brock which will need to be addressed during your term, if elected?

Continued fiscal responsibility of the students’ union is a major part of what I plan to support if I am elected to the board, additionally the budget mitigation process that Brock University is currently undergoing is a serious focus of concern for students, and we need to ensure that these mitigation practices do not harm the quality of education for students. In addition to this, student space is of major importance, and between the Atrium Project planned by the University, and the plans for a new Student Union Building. It is important that we continue to press these projects, as they are long term goals for students and without continued support from both the executive and the board they may not come to fruition. Finally, ensuring strong hiring consistency and practice with what I have observed from the variety of hiring committees I have sat on in the past, to make sure BUSU continues to be a great work environment and employs the strongest candidates.

 3. What is the single most important point of your platform?

As Board members we don’t have specific platforms, but our duties are to uphold the fiduciary and legal obligations of the organization. To ensure that as long as it is sustainable and beneficial to students, the executives can fulfill their platforms. Though, if elected, it is my intention to Chair the Legislative Affairs committee once again, and finish a complete overhaul of all of BUSU’s legislation in order to make sure that it is up to date, compliant with all necessary laws and follow current practice. I was fortunate enough to win committee of the year last year with Legislative Affairs, and the committee has been even better to work with this year. To be able to continue to support the students’ union with the working knowledge of legislation is an opportunity I would love to have again.

 4. Imparting words and slogans.

It has been a real privilege being able to serve and support students through the various positions I have held in my time at Brock University, and I hope you will vote yes to allowing me to serve on the Board of Directors for a third term. By voting Yes you are allowing my #experiYENDTce work for you, and to continue to support the executives and the Board of next year.

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