Active Minds presents Speak Out Night

activemindsThe last event held by the club was an extremely successful presentation forum, Let’s Talk About It, that took place in October. It was a night filled with stories and support and so many people attending that two lecture halls were filled. Since this event, Active Minds has gained more members and support from the student body and the Niagara community at large.

“Our club’s goal to reduce stigma and raise awareness still stands, but now with the help of our amazing members and support systems our club is looking forward to a great second semester with new events to come,” explained Michael Marchione one of the co-presidents of the organization. Although his term is ending due to the upcoming elections, he says he could not be more excited for the new executive team and is so thankful for the opportunities he has been given already.

“People think that you need to suffer from a mental illness to support Active Minds but that just isn’t true!”, said Marchione. “All it takes is a $5 membership fee for the entire year (so cost effective!) and a little bit of your time, coming out to events and attending meetings when you can.” Marchione insists that the open-door policy and sharing meeting information online via e-mail to all members makes it easy to be a part of the organization.

Speak Out Night will be held in Welch Hall 209. The event starts at 6:00 p.m. and ends around 8:00 p.m; all are welcome. Featuring great speakers who share their experiences with mental health and generate discussion around topics. “We also hope to have other events later in the year, especially some de-stress activities around exam time” said Vincent.

To Marchione this event is more than just a night, but a reminder of his choice to lead a positive life. “I personally think that events run by Active Minds, specifically Speak Out Night, are so important. I attended Speak Out Night for the first time last year in November and it truly changed my life. So much, in fact, that I spoke at the second Speak Out Night in February and shared my story publically for the first time.”

The best way to end silence is to speak up. Fostering positive spaces where people can listen and support one another will only help achieve the goal shared by both Active Minds and several advocates around Brock: of a world where mental health is accepted and talked about in society.

For more information visit or search Active Minds at Brock University on Facebook.

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