2014-2015 BUSU election results

First up, the Board of Directors. The initial wording of the results was confusing, as Galko read out, “Vincent Gao, elected. Antonio Sergi, elected. Christopher Yendt, elected.” All three candidates won over the student body and will be sitting on the BUSU Board of Directors. The reaction from the crowd was nothing but happiness.

Then came the presidential results. Roland rocked the campaign, gathering 92 per cent of voter support. A huge roar of applause came from on-lookers and a ‘Breakfast Club’ style fist pump came from the man himself.

The first of the Vice Presidents was the Finance and Administration. Third place went to Mike Nash, the first year underdog who’s campaign was simple and to the point, which was met by a huge cry of congratulations from the crowd. The new VPFA was announced to be Kyle Rose, who was quickly swept off his feet (as opposed to his usual kick of sweeping everyone else off their feet), and a congratulatory circle surrounded the second place candidate, Harish Aggarawal.

Then came the Vice President University Affairs: a group of young men who always brought fire and passion and well equipped comments to the many debates during the campaign period. Erik Deacons and Kevin Wilsons’s third and second placed finishes were punctuated with encouraging high fives and Drew Urasakci’s official candidacy was full of bear hugs and high fives of epic and brotherly proportions.

Then the most awaited position results were announced, the Vice President Student Services. This position is arguably the most sought after, as it deals with the more “fun” material within BUSU. As a result all the candidates usually lead a high energy campaign. All three charismatic speakers anxiously awaited the results, which fostered the loudest amount of cheers from onlookers. Ernie was announced for third place, but was still wearing his trademark smile as his name was called, a very gracious acceptance indeed. Once it was understood he came in second place, a good chunk of the crowd went right to Lashkar Dehal, who has been through several campaign seasons and yet still perseveres to make a difference at Brock. However, the VPSS title went to Paul Dermody, who’s heartfelt reaction brought tears to several eyes in the room. By this point, the energy was high and the excitement for next year was even higher. Then Maurcio announced it was time for the results of the Programming Levy Referendum.

Hands quickly found others to hold, glances of anticipation and baited breath filled the room. “With 72 per cent of the vote against it… the programming levy has failed”.

A deafening quiet filled the room, then a few shouts of “recount!” emerged from the back. Nonetheless, it’s all quiet mummers of encouragement and a crowd forms around Liv Meriano and Jimmy Norman, the faces of the “Yes” side of the referendum. Dozens upon dozens of people gathered around the two bright, passionate and driven individuals, both of whom are so involved with BUSU already. Current BUSU President, Cooper Millard, made his way over to the two; first to Liv for a quiet hug and then Norman. With classic Cooper Millard confidence, he looked right at him and said, “keep your head up, don’t look down. Keep that head way, way up.”

Let that sentiment be the foundation for the rest of the candidates who will not fulfill the position they sought after. This elections may have ended, but your own race has just begun. To the individuals who did win over the 4,199 Brock students who voted in the election, let that one Thursday night filled with anticipation, high hopes, devastating losses, celebratory cries of joy and the student vote itself be a constant, humbling reminder during your term.

Visit BUSU.net for detailed election results.

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