Why taking a leadership role is beneficial

By: Keely Grossman

Jan.7.Op.LeadershipA leader is defined as someone who directs or guides an individual, situation or team. Certain qualities that a leader may have are the ability to speak publicly, motivate, inspire, and set various examples for individuals such as good work ethic. Good leaders also have the ability to take charge in awkward, uncomfortable, or different situations that may cause others discomfort, awkwardness or inappropriate chaos. Leaders can also encourage participation, cooperation and teamwork in athletic events, academic group work and other various situations that require individuals to work as a team. All of these different yet exceptional qualities are what makes a good leader qualified to lead. Not only are these good characteristics for leaders to have but for all people to acquire. The true importance of leadership is the ability to lead and inspire others to lead as well.

Even though people who have these qualities are in good standing to take on leadership roles, they are not always as composed as they appear. This could be caused by a lack of confidence in their own abilities, or the lack of experience and encouragement to put their abilities into practice. This is one of the many areas that Brock flourishes in, providing students with leadership opportunities such as the most recent leadership summit.

The leadership summit at Brock University held on Nov 9 2013, offered an opportunity for students to come together and learn the fundamental concepts of being a great leader. There were Brock alumni, guest speakers, team building exercises and numerous workshops that students had the opportunity to attend that would teach them various things about themselves from their personality, to being able to achieve their goals.

Leaders play an important role in our society as they don’t only help an individual grow, but also help a whole team grow. In some cases they are even helping entire communities. Leaders will be the ones who help bring our society out of darkness and who will advocate for those who do not have a voice. A leader provides the foundations for growth and the spark for change.

With all that being said I also think that to be a leader you don’t have to have all of those characteristics. To me, if you can help someone in one way or another- even if it’s just by saying a friendly “hello,” then you have impacted a person in a positive way, and that’s what’s important. All it can take is something so little to impact someone’s life so greatly. To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world and if you can be a person’s world because you are a kind, helpful, and genuine person then you have influenced and changed someone’s life. Making you just as capable of being a leader as someone who can lead a sports team.

Brock University strives to impart leadership qualities in all their students. There are numerous ways this can be achieved – by each student becoming well versed in their own particular field of choice; by encouraging extracurricular activities and encouraging volunteering in their community.

As a first year student, to increase my leadership skills I have already gotten involved with Active Minds, an organization that helps spread awareness and aims to help break down the stigma towards those struggling with mental health issues, the Sexual Violence Support Centre which aims to provide confidential support and education to survivors, family members, educators, etc. regarding sexual assault, consent and sexual violence. Through all that I do at Brock, I always hope to inspire and impact at least one person for the better in someway and doing that would be enough for me.

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One thought on “Why taking a leadership role is beneficial

  1. What I like about this article is that it sounds like the author is starting to really understand what it is to be a leader, and is taking active steps to both develop leadership skills and to make the world a better place – well done!

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