Voting on the Affordable Food Project

At the last Brock University Student Council (BUSAC) meeting of 2013, Fed Up The Affordable Food Project presented to BUSAC with the hope of providing students the opportunity to vote on funding the project.

Presented by Em Heppler and a team of supporters, the presentation was followed by a lively question and answer period and discussion that ended with council voting in favor of seeing The Affordable Food Project go to referendum. Usual meetings last around one to two hours, but this presentation and the debate around it lasted more than five hours, adjourning past midnight.  The room was full of supporters and the numbers reached the largest attendance of students at a council meeting this year.

Fed Up The Affordable Food Project grew out of student frustrations with food on campus back in 2011. The project incorporated as a not-for-profit in order to grow a handful of food-based initiatives and provide better service for students looking to save money and be given more food options.

Fed Up believes that food price, quality and availability are huge issues for students across the university. The question that students will be asked this February is “Do you support a $2.80 per credit fee to fund Fed Up The Affordable Food Project, as per the Memorandum of Understanding?”

The presentation covered The Affordable Food Project’s memorandum of understanding (MOU) going over its core services and its student run non-profit organizational structure. The MOU described The Affordable Food Project’s goal of  “saving students money on food and making healthy and affordable food easier to access for students at Brock”. The MOU states “All services offered are to compliment existing food services and are not intended to be a replacement for the food services already offered by Sodexo and BUSU”.

Heppler elaborated that there should be no reason a student food project of this nature would conflict with agreement that the for-profit corporation Sodexo maintains with Brock.  To see the full MOU, go to

When asked what comes next for the project, Heppler said “Fed Up will be focusing on expanding services to help more students eat better and save money. We are also in the process of recruiting interested students as volunteers”

Heppler believes that the response from BUSU about this project has been positive, “By the end of the night a large majority of student councillors voted in favour of seeing Fed Up The Affordable Food Project go to referendum this February and I’m excited to see where this movement can take the University.”

In related news, The Grocery Delivery and Pick-Up Program was featured in The Brock Press recently and  is one of Fed Up The Affordable Food Project’s flag-ship services. It launched the first week of January and will continue to run through the referendum period. Students interested in using this service should see  or e-mail

The referendum period will run between Feb 11-13 and campaigning begins the first week of February. More details about the referendum and process will be coming out towards the end of January.

To get more information on Fed Up The Affordable Food Project tweet @FeedBrock or see FeedBrock.


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