There’s an App for us


By: Mitch Morris- The Brock Press

You know you go to a fantastic school when you can boast its app on your smart phone. Brock University is now just a click away with a new mobile app for both students and visitors to the school. The Brock Mobile app is a free mobile app for Apple and Android products, offering security and safety features, as well as access information in regards to campus events, transit schedules, the library and more.

The app is easy to use and is a great attention to any Badger enthusiast. It has a “Safety Toolbox” which provides links to security, emergency procedures, watch/crime prevention, student foot patrol, and crime report and well as easy access to emergency numbers for both the St. Catharine’s and Hamilton campuses.

The app also comes with a campus map and a student events feed so that students can keep up to date with campus life and always know where to go. The app even connects to social media.

The Brock Mobile app is an excellent tool for the organization of sports events. Sports Managers are able to customize the page for their event in such a way that allows visitors to obtain information about the event efficiently and effectively. The app can provide information regarding dates, sponsors, contact information, schedules and much more all conveniently at the tip of your fingers on your mobile device.
It can even provide destination information that makes travelling for event-goers exceedingly simple, providing information on local hotels, restaurants and attractions. There is even a “Be-Active” which includes a GPS to help visitors find facilities and locations for various recreational activities. There will also be free space provided for businesses to advertise once the app has had some time on the market.

Overall, Brock’s new app makes it easier for students to be a part of campus life and helps visitors reach our events more comfortably and effectively. The app not only works to make events easy to be a part of but should work to help Brock be an even safer campus thanks to the security features that the app provides. The app was released on Dec 28, 2013 and is available in English and Japanese. The Brock Mobile app is a great way to stay connected and informed on everything going on in Brock and everyone can download it should. Did I mention that it’s free?

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