The positive effects of being positive

By: Keely Grossman

Stay-PositiveOur world today is very fast paced and technology oriented. Without even thinking twice about it, we upload photos of ourselves on Facebook, watch young children and teens in pageants, read comments on photos, videos, statuses and articles written by people all around the world that are often rude, insulting and are aimed at putting down individuals and groups of people. We text on our smartphones, while simultaneously staring at others’ photos’ with jealous eyes, and live our lives quickly, with hearts full of envy, frustration and stress, making it really hard to be positive.

A negative lifestyle can effect numerous aspects of our day-to-day life such as our academic performance and our participation in social events. Having a negative attitude and outlook on life will only lead you down a path of darkness, jealousy and even hatred towards loved ones, yourself, and activities that you once enjoyed doing. Needless to say, being negative will give you negative outcomes. As university students, a lot of us have already been down that road, and it’s a long one. However, you don’t have to keep being negative and you don’t have to end up with a lifestyle you never wanted. You do have a choice, and you should choose happiness. There are so many benefits in leading a positive lifestyle, especially as university students when we are finding out who we are and are building the core foundations of our being.

For starters, leading a positive lifestyle will lead you to become healthier both physically, mentally and emotionally. Being healthy is important and maintaining your health throughout university can be hard with the academic and social pressures that we face. Don’t forget to eat healthy foods, do activities that you enjoy doing on a daily basis such as running, going for a hike, swimming etc. and most importantly don’t let a Facebook photo, a negative comment, or any of those shows that promote outer beauty ruin your self esteem. Body image is important and no matter what anyone says you have inner beauty and outer beauty. Once you start believing that and respecting your body, your attitude will change.

Other benefits of leading a positive lifestyle are that you will have more energy to conquer the day ahead of you, you will be more motivated to complete tasks and assignments and you will be more alert in classes without the weight of a negative attitude dragging you down. A positive attitude will boost your confidence levels and those of the people around you. Positivity will lead to goal achieving, and success, where as negativity will just drag you down, and keep dragging you down.

Living in this fast paced society we really need to take a step back and admire our surroundings. Life is all about the little things and at the end of the day it’s those little things whether they be gestures of kindness, accomplishments, or nature that will turn your life around. With a positive attitude you will be able to appreciate those little things a lot more.

A positive outlook will help you see the world’s beauty as opposed to its ugliness that we’re often exposed to. It will help you see the good in others as well as in yourself. Most importantly, everyone deserves happiness. So reach out; embrace life with all it has to offer both good and bad. Positivity is a big step towards achieving that happiness.

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