Super Bowl gambling for the non-football fan

SuperBowl_XLVIII_logoSuper Bowl XLVIII (48) — or the unoffically coined “Weed Bowl” —  is slowly approaching, and as a result it’s time to present my second annual proposition bet predictions.

For those who are not familiar with prop betting, it is basically a bet that involves the game, but it doesn’t particularly affect the games outcome. For example, when it comes to the Super Bowl, one can bet on almost anything related to the game, and for the most part, these bets end up being more entertaining than the game.

With this being said, let’s get to the fun part. How many times will Peyton Manning say ‘Omaha’? (Over 27.5: -120 or Under 27.5: -120)

If you follow the NFL, or know anything about Peyton Manning, you know that he loves to yell ‘Omaha’ in his pre-snap routine. In their playoff game against the San Diego Chargers, Manning said ‘Omaha’ 44 times! In the spotlight of the Super Bowl, I expect Manning to say ‘Omaha’ way more than 27.5, so I think it’s a safe bet to take the over.

Will the announcers say the word ‘Marijuana’ during the game? (Yes: +550, No: -900)

Colorado and Washington are the only states that have legalized marijuana, so it has been widely talked about leading up to this years’ Super Bowl. With Joe Buck and Troy Aikman announcing, I have a feeling that the word is going to be said. Joe Buck is an incredibly laid back dude and even during some of the most exciting games he has called, it has sounded like he’s watching paint dry. With his chill mentality and attempts to be clever, I’ll take yes at +550.

Will any of the Red Hot Chili Peppers be shirtless during their performance? (Yes: Even, No: -140)

The Super Bowl always takes place in a warm climate but for the first time in forever, it’s taking place in East Rutherford, New Jersey, where there’s a good chance it might be snowing. Nevertheless, it’s the Chili Peppers; someone’s taking their shirt off.

Which song will Bruno Mars perform first? (Grenade: +250, Just the Way You Are: +600, Marry You: +700, The Lazy Song: +1000)

I hate Bruno Mars, so I could care less what songs he decides to sing. Let’s just pick “Marry You” because it has good odds. Somebody do me a favour and text me what song he plays because I will not be watching this performance.

Who will the Super Bowl MVP thank first in his speech? (Teammates: +100, God: +250, Fans: +500, Owner: +1200, Coach: +1200)

This all depends on who wins the MVP. If Manning wins, he’s a class act and will thank his teammates first. However, since most NFL players are super religious, I’ll pick God.

What colour of Gatorade will be poured on the winning coach? (Clear/Water: +100, Orange: +300, Red: +500, Blue: +700)

After watching hours of Gatorade celebrations on YouTube, I have a good feeling that the winning colour is going to be Orange this year.

What will be the predominant colour of Renée Fleming’s outfit when she sings the National Anthem? (Red: +300, Black: +300, White: +600, Yellow: +800)

Before I answer this question; who the hell is Renee Fleming? Turns out she is a very impressive Opera singer, so if you knew that before she was announced for the Super Bowl, bravo. Anyways, since she’s an Opera singer, I don’t expect anything too fancy, so let’s go with black.

Super Bowl Winner (Seattle: +120, Denver: -140)

Denver is the number one offense in the league, while Seattle is the number one defense. I’ll trust the old saying that says defense wins championships and pick the underdog Seattle to win their first ever Super Bowl. Final score: Seattle wins 21-17.

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