Rapid Fire [Sports Edition]

Which Brock team do you see stepping it up in the second half?


“Men’s basketball team. Sure, the team has struggled this season with a 2-9 record in conference play but the OUA West rivals the NBA’s Atlantic division as one of the weakest divisions in basketball. With that being said, Brock’s young squad has looked a lot better as of late so I expect them to make a push towards the playoffs, led by freshman Dani Elgadi (Waterloo, Ont.).”


“I think the Brock men’s hockey team is in a good position for a strong second half. They had several close losses in the early parts of the year, and look like they are turning things around lately. If some bounces go their way I could see them making a push down the stretch.”


“The women’s hockey team has won five of their last seven games. They had a bad start to the season, losing eight games in a row at one point but they just beat the second ranked team in Canada and also defeated Waterloo this past weekend. I guess you could say then that they already did turn it around just before the December break and it’ll be worth watching to see if they can continue to improve.”

What’s one omission from Team Canada’s Olympic hockey team that sticks out?


“Brent Seabrook. Not only does he have 32 points in 48 games as a defenseman this season, he is fourthin the league for all defenseman with a plus-minus of 21 and was on Team Canada when they won gold in 2010. Critics argue that his speed won’t translate to the Olympic ice but his familiarity with Duncan Keith in such a small time frame of a tournament and his skill itself should have made him a lock as one of the top eight defensemen on Canada.”


“Claude Giroux. As one of the leading scorers in the NHL over the last several years he deserves to be there. He has the type of skill that many players don’t possess, and could’ve been a valuable asset, especially on the power play.”


“Would it be too cliché for me to say Martin St. Louis? I for one have had more than a lifetime’s worth of hearing about him being snubbed so I’ll bring up someone different; Eric Staal. He can fit onto any special teams unit, lead a checking line, help score, skates well enough to not be left behind on the big ice, and he was on the 2010 team. You also wouldn’t have to worry about him leading up to the Olympics – he’s missed one game in his last 260. So either him or Derek Dorsett.”

A-Rod’s suspension of 162 games. Fair or Foul?


“As a Yankee fan, I have a bias towards this situation as his suspension takes $25 million off the books and hopefully that money can now be used on a starting pitcher. However, Bud Selig wanted to crack down on the performance-enhancing drug policy, so this is absolutely fair as the MLB is making a serious point by suspending such a world-class player for an entire season.”


“From a legal perspective, probably foul considering the evidence presented and the conduct of the MLB throughout the investigation. However in general, it’s probably fair due to the fact it’s very clear that A-Rod has done steroids and violated the game repeatedly. He has tarnished the game and many of its records on the same level as Barry Bonds in my view, and should never be allowed to play again in the MLB.”


“I’m probably the only Red Sox fan on the planet who doesn’t hate A-Rod as much as I should, but I still think this is fair. Anything having to do with Major League Baseball, whether it’s the league itself or the Hall of Fame, is so incomprehensibly backwards with regards to PED’s that A-Rod missing 162 games is insignificant to me. My biggest issue is that Pete Rose can’t get a phone-call from Cooperstown returned because he bet on his team, but the McGwire/Sosa steroid-slug-fest in ‘98 was the most hyped era of recent baseball. I love baseball, but at this point I don’t pay much mind to anything regarding PED’s.”

So, Hilary Duff and former NHL player Mike Comrie just split up. Who’s your favourite all time athlete/celebrity relationship?


“I would have said Fisher and Underwood, purely on the fact that Underwood is an absolute babe, but conformity isn’t fun in a discussion. With that being said, I’ll pick Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian. What’s better than a washed up crack smoking basketball player and a untalented spoiled rich girl getting married? I still can’t believe that marriage lasted four years. That’s like 80 years of marriage in Kardashian time.”


“Definitely Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood. Although I have kind of a love/hate view on it. I’m not particulary a fan of Fisher or anything, I am just extremely envious of him considering the girl he landed. And for that, I have respect for him.”


“For me it’s Tony Parker and Eva Longoria. My mom has never heard of the San Antonio Spurs despite them performing on countless occasions on our home-theatre system throughout the years. Yet from 2004 until 2011, she knew everything there was to know about Tony Parker’s personal life. The reason? Dating Eva Longoria had him pop up on Entertainment Tonight more than Michael Jackson or Britney Spears’ bald head between ’04 and ’11. San Antonio didn’t like this – it was basically the opposite of their whole franchise’s mantra. So what happened? Gregg Popovich and a few of his cousins from the Serbian mob ‘kindly’ asked/told Parker to end it with Longoria. Any other theory for their divorce is fictitious, and I won’t hear any other explanation.”

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