Film Review: Frozen

By: Ryan Walsh

Jan.7.AL.Review.FrozenThe lessons Disney`s learned from its long history of feature films are apparent in their 53rd  film Frozen. Initial impressions from the trailers might make you think that this is simply a vapid children’s film, however it is much deeper. In fact, the emotional depth of the film was crafted with enough care to captivate any audience, regardless of age.

Loosely based on a fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson entitled “The Snow Queen”, the film depicts Anna’s relationship with her sister Elsa, who has the magical ability to freeze objects and create ice.

Elsa is afraid of hurting others with her power. As she grows stronger, she must also learn to keep her powers under control. However, after an argument about Anna’s sudden engagement to a Prince she just met, Elsa’s icy powers are revealed to everyone. Panicking to keep her powers in control in front of the entire kingdom, Elsa runs away believing that she is better off alone away from human interaction. Not knowing, however, that her power is creating an endless winter in the kingdom, as her sister Anna goes on a journey not only to save the kingdom, but to save her own sister from complete isolation.

It is this exploration between the complex relationship of Anna and Elsa that makes the film so intriguing. Most well known Disney films of the past often focus on stories about love between a man and a woman. In abandoning that for a familial love, the film feels more genuine and human.

In addition to the story, the songs were created by Broadway writers and are easily some of the best musical numbers in a Disney movie since The Little Mermaid. Take my advice; don’t judge Frozen by the slapstick commercials alone. Choose to see the film that offers a lot more heart and nostalgia than we give Disney credit for as of late. Watch Frozen and let it melt your heart.

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