Reuse this: not your average water bottle

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Photos by David Burnham

Arushana Sunderaeson- Assistant Internal News Editor

The Brock Eco Club decided to campaign across campus from Mackenzie Chown A Block, to Thistle, and in the International Building, by asking Brock students to use reusable water bottles. In addition, Brock Eco Club was giving out reusable water bottles to students that signed a petition and answered all the questions correctly.

Jon Chessum, a Tourism and Environment major is a member of the Brock Eco Club and spoke extensively on the goals of the water bottle usage for Brock students.

“The purpose of this campaign is to the reduce the heavy use of water bottles being used across the Brock University campus, and to encourage students that reusable water bottles are essential to student vitality” said Chessum.

Chessum explained that the water bottles on campus are sourced from local taps and turned into a profit. “25 per cent of the bottled water sold in Canada is simply tap water, that is packaged and sold for the price of 2000 times more! In addition we are also trying to get different Dining Hall Services especially in the Market Hall, to eliminate all plastic water bottles.”

In recent news, many have speculated on the instances of tap water being intoxicated with chemicals. As a result,  many people refraining from tap water and purchasing plastic water bottles. Chessum responded by stating, “That all tap water is  municipally checked and that filtrations systems are always checked by the government. All tap waters are cleaned and as I stated previously, most water bottles are mainly used from tap water. In addition, many water bottle companies are only inspected only if a complaint is received, while all filtration water companies are checked on a regular basis.”

David_Eco Club_02In addition to reducing plastic water bottles and reusing water bottles, The Brock Eco Club has many future endeavours they would like to pursue to spread awareness of their campaign. Besides getting people to sign the petition for reducing use of water bottles, the Brock Eco Club will be hosting an Eco Conference on Mar. 19 and will co-ordinate events such as a clean up around the Glenridge and Brock University community. All of next week the Brock Eco Club is hoping to sell Eco-sizes, which are crotchet sleeves to put on your coffee mugs and cups. They can be reused and also worn used as a wristband. The sleeves will be on sale in Market all of next week.

If you would like to get involved or have any questions about the organization, you can find out more about The Brock Eco Club, by liking them on Facebook– Brock Eco Club or follow them on Twitter @BrockECO.  Or you can visit them in the OPRIG office room 204A in Plaza.

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