Pay it forward with random acts of kindness


Photos by David Burnham- The Brock Press

By: Milli Simonics- Staff Writer

Did you notice a surge in kindess around campus last week? BUSU organized a Random Acts of Kindness Week, a special initiative to spread kindness around campus. RAK Week takes place around the world with people doing random things for one another, simply to be kind.

The concept takes its lead from the concept of paying it forward, i.e: doing something nice for someone who in return does something for someone else in endless continuation.

Brock Unvieristy RAK Week volunteers did random things for other Brock community members while passing along the message: #passtheRAK. Random acts of kindness from Brock volunteers included handing out candy and cupcakes, serenading anyone and everyone with song, giving out cards filled with inspiration and many more simple but wonderful efforts.      The most inspiring instances by volunteers were the mirrors they carried around saying ‘the most beautiful person in the world’. Volunteer efforts did not go unnoticed. Some students were moved to take part by buying coffee for the person in line behind them and passing on compliments to others.


RAK Week is a much needed initiative that reminds us that we all matter. The world wide initiative occurs yearly, but does not have to be limited to once a year. Random acts of kindness can  happen every day be any random act and can take place whenever, wherever, for no reason whatsoever. Anyone looking for more information on this global initiative or ideas can visit

Take part today and continue to #passtheRAK.


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