Hawaii coming to St. Catharines

By: Matthew Von Lukawiecki – The Brock Press

Nov.5.AL.Lateaddition.SaidthehwaleThe Vancouver based indie band, Said the Whale, is on their way to St. Catharine’s this month as part of the tour for their new album, Hawaii. The Juno award-winning band’s album was released this September and things continue to look promising for a band quickly rising in prominence.

Said the Whale formed while in high school where they immediately began recruiting members. All the members of the band are from roughly the same area in Vancouver. Spencer Shoening, the original drummer, explained, “For a long time I knew Tyler and Ben from them being some cool dudes a couple of grades older than me in my high school. They were always doing something in music, and I was as well, but as soon as they graduated they started recording songs together. They posted them online and after about five years of that, they decided to take it seriously […] So that’s when I joined and it started being called Said the Whale.” They went on to recruit new members from the same area which lead them to the band they have today.

“I think that we each focus on our own things. For me I always focus on the music and particularly the drums of course. Ben is very much a words guy and I am very much a music guy. I can listen to a song so many times before I even notice the lyrical content.”

In describing the band’s unique sound, Spencer said, “There’s an eclectic-ness to it and some sort of lightness to it. I usually don’t like to put any genre names on it. But what I feel it comes back to is honesty. There’s some level of honesty that comes out of the two song writers.” In chronicling the production process of Hawaii, they took a “writing retreat”, according to Bamf.  This allowed them to focus entirely on the album which let them take their time and get in depth in the writing of the songs. This can all be seen clearly when listening to the album. It’s no embellishment. The time and effort is truly there for all to hear.

Brittany Brooks/ Brock Press

Brittany Brooks/ Brock Press

The future of Said the Whale seems promising. “I see us being in a van a lot and I see us taking lots of air planes,” said Spencer. “As far as my vision to the future goes right now it’s going to be a lot of supporting the album we just put out and we have hardly even begun that. So, we will do that until we have played to everyone we possibly can and then hopefully we’ll make another record.”

The band will be playing at the Detour Music Hall on St. Paul Street on Saturday, November 16. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased either in advance or at the door. Opening for Said the Whale is the Kopecky Family Band. Come out and support these young, emerging, Canadian artists and hear music from their new album, Hawaii.

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