Get involved: BU blog wants you


Student Life and Community Experience encouraged students to test out their blogging skills by contributing to the newly re-vamped Student Life Blog.

Located at, the blog is framed with a ‘by students, for students’ approach and features posts from student writers on various topics. Current post topics include parking problems, a tech talk about cell phone addiction, volunteering experiences and coverage of Brock Cares Day of Service.

Coby Fewings, marketer within Off-Campus Living for Student Life, is hoping that students will write posts to encourage other students to read, write and create traffic on the blog. The content that Fewings and the team are looking for is anything that is student-relatable; relationships, student life, University setting, anything that can make a connection.

Fewings also encourages writers of different skill levels to write and welcomes various forms of content.

“The guidelines are broad, as long as writing is respectful” said Fewings.

Fewings also explained that blog writing can be both a beneficial outlet and a chance to improve writing skills.
“Blog writing is different from academic writing– you can add anecdotes personality and really get passionate about the content that is presented. At the end of the day, it’s good writing experience because it gets you to brainstorm and encourages you to write for a purpose.”

The expectations for the year are high, but the overarching goal of the blog is to get students involved and so far the efforts have been very successful  “We’re trying to do at least one a week, but last year we had 56 which is more than one per week during the 8 months,” said Fewings.

Students can get involved with writing anything they’re passionate about or think the students are interested in, for about 500-1000 words. Send them to one of the student representatives and then the post appears on the blog. Follow the team on twitter, @getinvolvedBU and visit their page on Facebook for more details.

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