Canadians have highest rates of job satisfaction

Nov.26.Spec.Job-SatisfactionCanadians are among the people most satisfied with their jobs. Data from a recent study commissioned by states that approximately two-thirds (64 per cent) of Canadians say that they love their job or at least like it a lot.

24 per cent of Canadians are so pleased with their job that they say they would do it for free.

Only two per cent of Canadians report hating their job and five per cent say they dislike it. These numbers spike for youth, where 13 per cent are dissatisfied with their job. Youth tend to occupy low-paying, precarious and relatively unfulfilling work, so these figures are not very surprising. While youth are certainly not the only ones in this type of work, higher rates of dissatisfaction may be due to higher expectations.

“Young Canadians are ambitious and eager to succeed, so it’s not surprising that a significant proportion of them are feeling frustrated in their current jobs and think they can do better,” said Sheryl Boswell, director of marketing for

“The further the Canadians progress in their careers the more likely they are to align themselves with their career passions,” says the report.

Job satisfaction was found to be closely tied with income level. As income falls, so does job satisfaction.

“It’s natural that for many of us, getting a healthy pay cheque is a primary motivation for work, and being well-compensated lends itself to contentment,” said Boswell.

The study surveyed 8,000 people in seven countries and found that Canada came out on top, above the U.S., European countries and India. 57 per cent of employees in the Netherlands are happy with their job, 55 per cent in India, 26 per cent in the United Kingdom, 43 per cent in France and 34 per cent in Germany.

Canada’s ranking is somewhat surprising given that we have one of the lowest levels of paid vacation time. However, the overall job satisfaction of the Canadian workforce may be due to changing demographics, where baby boomers are delaying retirement and staying in their dream jobs.

The Bank of Montreal (BMO) released a report in September that states that half of Canadians feel that they are already working in their dream job. 70 per cent of Canadians in their study report feeling valued at work.

“The most important thing is work environment, and other factors like location and advancement opportunities,” said Peter Harris of Workopolis. “People want to see themselves working in a place that they believe in, that they can contribute and see growth. After that, of course, they need to get paid and be fairly compensated but it’s not what they look for and not why they get out of bed in the morning.”

BMO’s study found higher levels of job satisfaction for young workers. James Gardiner, vice-president of BMO’s commercial banking, said “It’s encouraging to know that within 10 years of starting in the workforce, a majority of Canadians have already found what they want to do.”

For all of us starting out in the workforce, it’s a bit reassuring to know that the chances are pretty high that we will enjoy our future jobs and careers.

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