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Photos by Brittany Brooks- Brock Press

Photos by Brittany Brooks- Brock Press

By: Mary Peri’Mo- Internal News Editor

Take a quick glance around campus and it’s clear what season Brock University students are most excited about celebrating. Movember is back, bigger than ever and Jimmy Norman is ecstatic about the upper lip caterpillar growing season.

As the Special Events Coordinator for Brock University  Student’s Union, (BUSU), Norman has been working with his team to develop more and more ways for all members of the Brock University community to get involved with supporting the muzziest month of the year.

“Each year, we get bigger and better,” said Norman.”Everyone knows about Movember and it’s one of the most fun charities to support.”

However, what Norman really hopes comes clear through the thicket of upper lip hair (and the occasional use of Just for Men to darken up the appearance), is the number of donations being made by Brock members.

“People would grow moustaches, go out to events but there’s still a missing link. We want to raise as much money and awareness as possible” explained Norman.

Although there is no fundraising goal set, students can join the Brock University ‘mo space’ and donate money at To date, over $5,000 dollars has been raised.

The movement of Movember had some humble beginnings before reaching such wide-spread popularity starting back in the early 2000’s. The leading organization in the nation is Movember Canada, whose vision is to “have an everlasting impact on men’s health” as listed on their web-site. There are three pillars to Movember which are men’s wellness, including mental health issues in men, testicular cancer and prostate cancer.

Norman believes in the presence of Movember at Brock is something truly inspiring and hopes that even more people take part in the festivities than ever.  Norman recalls how small the Movember movement was just a few years ago, and has a few people to thank for bringing such inspiring efforts to Brock as a whole .

“It’s because of the amazing people like Dave Birch who really brought this campaign to Brock and we want to keep going in this direction. Together, we can make this even bigger”.

Birch is a Brock alumni from the Goodman School of Business who worked closely with BrockTV. He has been a Mo Space member for over five years and boasts a 5/5 rating for his muzzy and impressive moustache shaved into his chest hair.
Norman was able to work with representatives from Movember Canada to bring more initiatives to Brock. You may have noticed several ‘mo-vending’ machines on campus that are stocked with razors, deodorant, stickers and moustache accessories. This new advertising is just one of the many events going on throughout the month.

This week, the members from the campaign will be tabling in both Academic South  and in A Mackenzie Chown, giving information about Movember and men’s health. The week will conclude with a “Got Balls?” dodgeball tournament on Saturday November 19 (sign up at Then, the next week from  Monday Nov. 25 – 29 is “Wellness Week”, where all aspects of health – physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and lifestyle – will be on display for students to get informed. The month will wrap up with Isaac’s threesome Thursdays being themed as Movember Closing Pub night on the 28th and a Basketball tournament will be held on the 30th.

For updates, follow @BrockMovember on twitter and check back at to see the donation progress. Visit for more event details as well. 

To check out some Brock students sporting staches, check out page five, and enter our contest for the best moustache, see details on page 27. Happy growing and good luck!

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