Video game review: Resident Evil 4

Oct.29.AL.HW.ResidentAs far as classic horror experiences go, there is nothing more seminal than Resident Evil 4. As a videogame that is almost 10 years old, it’s certainly surprising that not only are we still talking about it, but that the industry really hasn’t yet surpassed it.

In quite possibly the best piece in the long-running Resident Evil series that has spanned graphic novels, movies and games, Resident Evil 4 is a perfect blend of horror, exploration and action. Although you still can’t walk and shoot at the same time, the game still feels almost absurdly modern.  The game is now available to a new audience as well since the title was just re-released on the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Steam in an HD upgraded version .

As an enforcement officer of the Raccoon City Police Department, Leon Kennedy, you are commissioned to travel to an Eastern-European city to find the U.S. President’s daughter. While in the eerie towns you quickly discover that there is a lot more there than just farmers – specifically, infected farmers wielding chainsaws. Even still, I would rather visit this infectious nightmare village than go to Welland.

One of the game’s most frustratingly realistic features is the need to organize your inventory in real time. If you want to pick up a Shotgun shell, you have to make room for it, leaving yourself open to zombie flanking. Not to worry though, there isn’t much ammunition anywhere, especially on harder difficulty levels.

If you find yourself stuck at home alone this Halloween and need to drown out the sound of a retirement home dance party coming from the upstairs through air vents, Resident Evil 4 should definitely be your choice of entertainment this Halloween.

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