TELEVISION SHOW review: Dexter – Series Finale

Oct.1.AL.Dexter.ReviewThe much-anticipated Dexter series finale aired Sunday, September 22nd and has left many of its 3.3 million viewers gasping for breath. While many viewers thirsted for Dexter’s blood (after all, he was responsible for the death of his wife Rita and countless others), many fans — and even the writers of the show — felt like Dexter’s death would not be a justifiable enough end for TV’s favourite serial killer. This leads us to the question, was the right life ended?  And furthermore, did you like the series finale?

Throughout the latter seasons Dexter struggles to explore a more human side of himself, and with the help of Dr. Evelyn Vogel in season eight, it becomes more and more possible for him. During this last season Dexter seems to find true love with serial killer Hannah McKay, builds a stronger relationship with his sister Deborah and sees the potential of living a happy, fulfilled life as a family. Unfortunately, not every story ends “happily ever after”. As a result of Dexter’s detestable actions, the people that are closest to him are forced to pay the ultimate price.

Ultimately, the finale ties up the series quite well, achieving true poetic justice for such a truly immoral character. The fact that even after eight seasons we still are able to care for such a despicable anti-hero is a miraculous feat for the writers.

After eight long years of Dexter, it is agreeable that not every season was perfect, but Showtime was definitely successful in romanticizing the life of a serial killer, which is more than what anyone would have expected nearly a decade ago.

-Melissa Orre

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