Jumpstart your future at the Career & Post Graduate Expo

If you’ve been paying attention to The Brock Press or pretty much any other Ontario newspaper lately, you’ve probably seen the alarming statistics: youth unemployment in this province is among the worst in Canada. With the unemployment rates for Ontario youths ranging by region from 16 – 20 percent, university students are facing some of the worst employment statistics the province has ever seen. From a slow economic recovery, to Boomers working longer before retirement, to retirees returning to the workforce, it seems like there is no end to the obstacles young job seekers are facing.

Fortunately, Career Services has your back! On November 5, 2013, Career Services will be hosting the Career & post-Graduate Expo in the Ian D. Beddis Gym in the Walker Complex from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. . Approximately 120 exhibitors, representing post-graduate institutions, businesses (including seven of the top twenty employers sought by students), and non-profit institutions will be attending this trade-show style event, and they want to meet with YOU! The Expo is your opportunity, regardless of whether you’re a first-year student, recent graduate or returning alumnus, to meet with recruiters, and jumpstart your future.

Don’t think of this event as just an opportunity to shake hands, grab business cards and beef up your LinkedIn connections; use it as a learning experience. Visit as many exhibitors as possible and ask questions (prepare in advance!) about what career or graduate study options might be available to you. With the diverse range of exhibitors in attendance, the degree you might be worried about could be highly valuable in an industry you aren’t expecting.

Of course, you’ll want to make a great impression with anyone you meet with and Career Services, in partnership with Mentorship Plus, is helping you out here as well. New to the Expo this year is “Condensed Circuit Interviews.” Mentors with hiring experience have been recruited to participate in speed practice interviews with students. By registering for Condensed Circuit Interviews (separate from Expo registration) you’ll have the opportunity to practice your interview skills in a series of interviews with six mentors who will then provide feedback. Since space is limited for the Circuit Interviews, not everyone will get to participate, but don’t worry if you don’t get in; Career Services offers practice interviews and resume help,  as well as a number of other helpful services year round.

Be aware that you’re not necessarily going to walk out of the Expo with a job offer – if so, congratulations! Instead, make the goal of your visit to make yourself a more qualified candidate for your dream job. Look for feedback on your resume, learn about the various companies and organizations that are there, practice your interview skills, and most importantly, listen. The recruiters you’ll meet with have a wealth of experience and the information they provide could prove invaluable down the road. Don’t forget about the community organizations in attendance as well; they may not be offering job opportunities, but they are looking for volunteers that are interested in making a difference. Seek these organizations out and let them know what you can do. You never know where your skills will come in handy, and these organizations are a great way to make contacts that can possibly help you in the future!

Please note advance registration is required for the Expo and the Circuit Interviews. For more info, please contact Career Services.

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