Halloween 2013 Predictions

Miley VMA outfitHalloween is one of the most coveted holidays for university students. We no longer spend one evening celebrating; the festivities continue all week long.  Kids love Halloween for the candy, but students love Halloween because it’s another excuse to drink and dress up.

Every year, costumes are based on the most talked about celebrity, music video, television show or movie. These are my predictions for the most popular costumes in Halloween 2013.


As much as everyone claims to hate Miley and her ‘twerking’, the reality is that everyone can’t stop talking about her. Miley’s VMA outfit will be a popular costume this year because of her memorable performance with Robin Thicke.

Walter from ‘Breaking Bad’

The main character of one of the most popular and loved shows in television history is bound to a Halloween favourite. Walter’s hazmat suit will be a popular pick, assuming that no one wants to prance around in Walter’s classic tighty whities.

What does the fox say‘What does the fox say’

If you haven’t seen this YouTube video, I suggest you watch it right now. It will probably leave you with an inevitable ‘wtf’ face, but like any viral video, this will definitely be a popular choice for Halloween; dance moves included.


Despite this movie being made for children, people of all ages fell in love with the yellow minions and their overalls. So beware the minion cliques strutting around the bar this week.

Macklemore’s Thrift Shop video

The one song we can’t escape from. You’ve probably heard ‘Thrift Shop’ by Macklemore more times than you want to but you can’t deny that this song had you screaming out “I only got $20 in my pocket”. I predict seeing lots of men in sweaty, hot bars wearing fur coats.

Duck Dynasty Season 3Duck Dynasty

Get ready for amazing beards and a lot of camouflage. A Duck Dynasty clan will surely be present on your Halloween night.

If you don’t want to be deemed unoriginal or predictable, I suggest you avoid the costumes listed above for the big day. Be creative this year and have a happy Halloween!

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