Getting along with roommates

By: Preety Kaur- The Brock Press

This year I have the opportunity to live with two of my close friends. Being a first-year student and moving to an unfamiliar city, this was very comforting.

Oct.8.Op.RoommatesPictureHowever, at the same time it was scary because these two people would now know all of my bad habits. For example, how I like to leave all my belongings all over the house, or how I rarely make my bed or fold my clothes. I could only hope that they still wanted to be my friend afterwards.

The first few days are always the most awkward. It’s that time where you’re trying to build up a routine and get comfortable with your surroundings, especially with your roommates. At the same time, it’s extremely exciting because you start to bond with your roommates, having inside jokes or just waking up in the mornings and being grumpy together.

Soon the awkward phase fades away and you’re either left with a fun filled future or year of misery. For me personally, I quite enjoyed the company of my roommates and knew for sure that this was going to be an amazing year. I suppose it helped that one of my roommates was in the same program as me, since we could study and work on assignments together. We were able to motivate each other into doing work and attending classes.

Just living with new people is a great experience on its own.  This way you can grow your circle of friends and you never know where life will take you with these people. Every day is a new adventure.  I love the fact that no day is ever boring, because I’m living with people that have a great sense of humour and we can always find something to laugh about.

I’m enjoying my time at Brock University mostly because of my roommates here, because they are the ones I spend the majority of time with. All that time spent together brings us closer each and every day. They’ve become my little family here at Brock and when I’m away from home, these are the people I go to for advice or just a pick me up. They’re great people to listen to loud music with and just dance or to sit down and read a book with. Either way I’m thankful for the roommates that I got.

I would highly encourage anyone to take the opportunity if you get the chance to have a roommate. This is the time where you can discover things about you that you didn’t even know. You can make amazing new friends or get super close with the friends you already have. All in all, you learn how to interact with others and at the end of the day even save a couple bucks.

With the roommates I have, I’m excited to see what’s in store for the rest of the year. But if it is anything like the past month, I know that it’s going to be a great experience!

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