Brock Badgers men’s rugby team overthrows RMC

The Brock University men’s rugby team (2-3 OUA) won a great battle with the Royal Military College of Canada (2-3 OUA) on October 5 by a score of 10-3.

Rugby pictureHeading into the game, the Badgers were coming off of two losses to McMaster and Guelph University. Both games were very close and the Badgers could have easily been sitting at 3-1 instead of at 1-3. The Badgers lost 12-5 against Guelph and lost an even closer battle with McMaster by a score of 22-19.

With both losses being so minimal, Brock was eager for a win against the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) Paladins. Their determination showed early as Brock got out to an early lead.

The weather conditions were perfect for rugby but the field was still soaked from the downpour of rain earlier in the morning. With the field being waterlogged it was tough for players to get a grip on the field and the ball was very wet as a result.

Brock began the game with intense pressure early as they drove towards the goal line. The Badgers could not get into the end zone but they would instead convert a penalty kick to get out to an early 3-0 lead. Edis Tarkuc (Mississauga, Ont.) converted the kick beautifully to give Brock the quick lead.

The Badgers’ solid first half continued as they began to capitalize on RMC turnovers. At the 13th minute mark, Matthew Mufandaedza (Yellowknife, Ont.) had an incredible run down field beating multiple RMC defenders and breaking through the middle of the field. Mufandaedza run was marvellous but Liam Grimes (Toronto, Ont.) would score the try on the play to give the Badgers a 8-0 lead.

Tarkuc would kick the conversion kick through the uprights, which added two more points for the Badgers to gain a 10-0 lead.

After Brock gained the early lead, RMC would begin to rally and get back into the game. At the 17th minute mark, the Paladins marched down the field and would convert a penalty kick. The kick would make the game 10-3 for the Badgers with plenty of time left for RMC to mount a comeback.

The rushing skills by the Badgers continued to be dominant as they had many rushing attempts towards the RMC goal line. Brock however could not get any more points on the board before the half ended and after 40 minutes of play the Badgers still led 10-3.

In the second half, Brock continued to play well but would get close to scoring but couldn’t convert. Tarkuc had a long penalty kick and just missed wide, which would have gave the Badgers a 10-point lead.

Brock continued to find themselves near the Paladins goal line but every time they got close it seemed that the play would end in a scrum with no points scored. It definitely wasn’t because of the lack of effort, as the RMC defence deserves some credit as they continued to stop the Badgers goal line push.

The Badgers continued to push towards the goal line and they would give RMC no real chance to tie the game. The game ended with Brock looking like they had scored another try to add on to their lead however the try would not count and the game would end. The final score of the game ended with a scoreless second half as the Badgers defeated RMC 10-3.

The Badgers will now travel to Waterloo on Oct. 11 for their second last OUA regular season game against the Waterloo Warriors.

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