ALBUM REVIEW: Paul Federici – Now and Then

The debut album from Grimsby, Ontario resident, Paul Federici, Now and Then is an easy-listening album filled with beautiful vocals, acoustic melodies and a cello that fills each song with depth.

Influenced by Bob Dylan, John Mayer and the Beatles, Fedrici’s album is filled with soul and well-versed lyrics that easily resonates. The easy-going, laid back tracks like “Far from Home” and “The Last One Found” pair nicely with the more fulfilling songs like “Last Regret” and “Please Don’t Break”. My personal favourite is “One Day You’ll be Right”, a song that mirrors the early sound of the Fray, with relaxed vocals, and an underlying sense of hope.

Federici’s music has been widely celebrated throughout the Niagara Region and larger parts of Canada. Recently he has won several awards across all categories in the 6th annual Niagara Music Awards and his songs continue to drift into the mainstream music industry.     It is clear from the album that music is more than simply a career to Federici, it is a way to survive. Knowing his personal testimony provides great insight in understanding the depth of his music. His personal traumas and periods of debilitating pain give me a newfound appreciation of his musical abilities.

Something has to be said for the vocal styling of Federici. Every song sounds like he’s sitting across the coffee-shop from you, weaving each song full of emotion, colour and fantastic harmonies. It’s easy to tell each song was written from this extremely talented heart with care, as the impact behind each word is easily felt throughout. This is definitely an album I won’t stop listening to and this indie album is the perfect sound tracks for the upcoming autumn days.

Paul Federici will be playing at the Merchant Ale House in downtown St. Catharines on Oct 6th. There is no cover charge and he will also be joined by musician Aaron Berger.

-Mary Perino

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