Abandon All Ships lands in Niagara

Oct.1.AL.Abandon2On Friday September 20th, Abandon All Ships graced St. Catharines with their presence at Rockford’s House of Rock downtown.The iconic Canadian band played with Skynet at the last Canadian show on their North American tour.

For the uninitiated, Abandon All Ships is a post-hardcore, metal-core band from Toronto. The band was formed in 2006 and has since released two highly succesful albums. Their most recent, Geeving, was released in 2010 and features many of their most currently notable songs.

Abandon All Ships is at the forefront of their genre on the Canadian field. In the last few years they have truly become one of the key players in the hardcore metal genre in Canada. “I don’t even know any Canadian bands anymore”, said Angelo Aita when asked about the changing Canadian music scene.

“Every fan is important. We love our Canadian fans a lot”, said Martin Broda. “The great thing about music though, is that it’s a universal language. Literally anyone, anywhere can listen to your music and understand it instantly”.

St. Catharines is the final Canadian city they are making an appearance in on this tour, they are moving on to the U.S., playing shows in Salt Lake City and California specifically. This long distance tour is a large undertaking for the band as they travel across North America in a large tour bus.

“Things get smelly (in the tour bus),” joked Broda. “But it’s always fun going around with these guys, it’s like a family and we always get along and joke”. The nine-bed bus certainly looked like a happening place for parties, even from outside you could see boxes of Uncle Ray’s Potato chips and Budweiser boxes stacked.

“Sometimes when we are driving for days, things get a bit loopy,” said Aita. “I think the craziest thing we’ve ever done in the bus is shooting fireworks out the window while going down the highway.”

The antics of their everyday lives aside, the band has a very distinct sound. Their albums had always raised attention for their Christian subtexts and thematic influence, which is ironic when contrasted to the extreme vulgarity of the song lyrics. “We never set out to make songs that sounded ‘Christian’ and we’d never say that we were a Christian band. But if something impacts us, then we write a song about it. For us those influences are always changing,” said Aita.

The bandmembers` energy was contagious. Their passion was shockingly clear just in conversation, let alone the actual concert. In fact, they were so excitable and fun-loving that 90 percent of what was said probably can’t be published in this paper.

The upcoming end of their tour might mean the end of the physical road for the band, but they are in no way about to fade out. Abandon All Ships has a very busy year ahead for 2014 including a new album, a European tour as well as a new music video being filmed.

For more information on Abandon All Ships, check out @AbandonAllShips on Twitter.

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