A new club, a new way for students to get involved with school


There are over 200 clubs at Brock University for students to take part in, but the newest student driven initiative,  CHYK is quickly becoming the most unique club on campus.

CHYK stands for the Chinmaya Mission Yuva Kendra  and is based of the non-profit organization of the Chinmaya Mission that has several chapters all over the world. The club is characterized by a discussion format about self-development. The name is derived from Eastern-Hindu philosophy, meaning the pursuit of knowledge and embodies exactly what the goal of the club is- to pursue knowledge in it’s various forms.

Lead by Brock Students Vikas Gupta as president and Anisha Bakshi as vice-president, the club hopes to bring like-minded individuals together for discussion.

“We’re creating an extension of a large organization that has facets all over the world, nonprofit movement that is all about cultural, educational, spiritual and humanitarian activities that empower individuals” said Bakshi.

“Both of us got involved at a young age and thought it made a tremendous impact and how to be more at peace with ourselves” said Bakshi.

Gupta explained that the foundation for the club is on bettering one’s self through discussion “We wanted to start a chapter at Brock where follows a discussion format of self-development. We talk about whatever problems that we have and whatever issues, our form is to cathartic way to talk about it” said Gupta.

The club welcomes Acharya Vivek, a teacher from an Indian monastery who started a Sunday school in Niagara Falls and plans to attend the sessions once an month.

The club had their first meeting last Thursday and topics brought to the table ranged from how to be happy, how to balance time, management skills. Both Gupta and Bakshi plan to get into bigger  and more substantial topics over the year.

Both Gupta and Bakshi understand the inclination amongst students to not want to engage in discussions in an open format or even about topics of self-development.

“We don’t want to change anyone’s beliefs or ideas, we simply want to provide a forum for people to derive some sort of benefit” said Gupta.

Benefits include time management skills, relationship maintenance, how to declutter  minds, meditative practices, and what constitutes good character. The over arching goal of the club is to inspire individuals to engage and help others, finding ways to reach out to the community.

“The kind of discussion we want to bring about fearlessness, learn to adapt, whatever the situation is or whatever the issue is- it’s cathartic, everyone has some kind of knowledge that they need. We’re not creating a therapy session, we’re trying to use discussion to improve the quality of our everyday lives” said Gupta.

CHYK meets every Thursday from 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m., in seminar rooms that are determined the week of. There is no membership required and anyone is welcome to join. For more information please contact Gupta at vikasg85@hotmail.com, and by visiting the Facebook page, CHYK WEST-BROCK University.

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