What’s in a name?

Brittany Brooks_Taro HallAbout a year ago, Brock University announced that our Faculty of Business would now be known as the Goodman School of Business. This is the first time in Brock’s history that we have renamed one of our faculties. Our business school is now known as the Goodman School of Business thanks to Ned Goodman, who has been the University’s Chancellor for almost six years now. Because of the generous foundation the Goodman Foundation made to the University, Brock has now taken a leap and has really started making some great changes in our business faculty.

Renaming one of our faculties can only mean good things. This includes more money for the faculty, opening more doors and opportunities for the students and a recognizable name that gives business at Brock the respectable title it deserves. Apart from those, what else does the Goodman School give us? Most likely – a competitive edge.

Everybody has heard of other business schools like Schulich, Degroote, Richard Ivey and even Telfer; now Brock has also jumped on the bandwagon. Some of the most globally renowned and competitive business schools in Ontario are all recognized with a name.  Not only does it give off an exclusive vibe, but it also makes these schools sound that much more important than they probably are.

Brock’s business faculty had a solid foundation even before it was renamed. With its variety of co-op options, different courses, international opportunities, degrees and workshops, it was and still is easily one of the most efficient business schools within Ontario.

The structure of our business program fits in with Brock’s mission, allowing students to use the different resources the school offers to leave their mark. Now as the Goodman School of Business, it has also become one of Canada’s newest and fastest growing schools in Canada. Not only that, but the Goodman School has also been internationally recognized by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB), which is a pretty big deal, seeing that the Goodman School is among the top five percent of business schools all around the world to have acquired this accreditation.

All of this could have been accomplished by the business faculty before we renamed it, but it just seems better to say that it had all been accomplished after. Instead of business students saying, “I take business at Brock,” they now get to say, “I go to the Goodman School of Business.” It’s new, it’s different – it’s exciting.

The faculty itself has managed to keep improving ever since the name change. Just recently, BioLinc, Niagara’s much anticipated business incubator was launched on September 11, 2013, operating under none other than the Goodman School of Business. BioLinc provides an environment for students, researchers and companies to come together and turn their knowledge into marketable products and services. This new incubator is located in Brock’s also new Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex and is planned to have an inevitable impact on bioscience-related breakthroughs.

So, have we really only been able to open all these doors for our business students because we renamed the faculty, or do they both go hand in hand? Either way, the name itself makes it more of an intriguing faculty, and I’m sure it makes people take us more seriously. With all the major improvements that the faculty itself has managed to acquire, we can only imagine what more we can achieve. This is only the beginning of the start for the Goodman School of Business, and what they’ve managed to accomplish in less than a year demonstrates the inevitable successful future of the program.

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