Top 7 places on campus

1. The Tower

The central hub for both buses, students and the ever present St. Catharine’s gail-force winds. The Tower is the place to see and be seen when it comes to meeting new people or for services to reach out to students. It’s also the best place to be on a Monday morning if you want to be featured in a segment of “Brock Talk”!

2. The Vendor Fair
A one-stop-shop for all your Brock needs. Get information about clubs and activities on campus, renew your bus card sticker, and walk away with some swag. The Vendor Fair takes places in Schmon Tower Field, on September 3 and 4 from 10:00am-4:00pm.

3. The benches

Not to be confused with the newly reupholstered benches inside Thistle, the benches found outside the North-East corners of Guernsey Marketplace are a true hidden gem of Brock. A few square benches make up this ideal lunch spot- it’s quiet, it’s quaint and quite tucked away. A perfect place to sit outside and take in the scenery.

4. The roof of Thistle

Mostly used by students in residence when cutting across campus, the roof of thistle is actually the roof surrounding the base of the tower, and features some interesting pieces of art and an a great view of the bus hubs, residences and the St. Catharines skyline.

5. The She Wolf

Informally known as the “Brock Bullet”, the She Wolf is the monument on the grass adjacent to BUSU. If nothing else but a now-historical piece of Brock Art, it’s commonly on the on the bucketlist of Brock students to see it up close.

6. Plaza

Another great studying/eating/look out spot. Although sometimes this location is hit or miss when it comes to amount of space available during peak hours, the view is great and the light is much appreciated, especially after being in class all day.

7. Gersney Marketplace

Centrally located and newly renovated, the Gernsey Market boasts accommodating seating and great music for students and staff to catch a break between classes.

BONUS: The Brock Press Office

Interested in news on campus? Want to get involved? Have a story you think is newsworthy? All valid reasons to stop by! Located just beyond BUSU, in the Student Centre Room 204B.

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