The Bloomberg assessment test at Brock

Outstanding EvaluationFor all the business students at Brock University September 28 is an important date to remember. Bloomberg L.P, a privatized data and media company, is holding an assessment test on this date for students who are interested in a future in finance and business. Bloomberg provides major global information on news business and finance related in real time for professionals to use as analytic tools. The company was founded in 1982 by Michael R. Bloomberg, and over the years they have developed a wire service, radio station, a television network, several websites, a few magazines and even a few newsletters. In 2009 Bloomberg services alone accounted for a third of the $16 billion global financial data market.

The Bloomberg Assessment Test (BAT) serves as an opportunity for students to further engage in their professional involvement. The test is open to all students in any major who occupy an interest in connecting with different financial and business firms. Because Bloomberg has connections with over 20,000 companies, this is a fantastic opportunity for any student, especially business students.

The test is being held in MCA 203 and PL 309 from 10:00 AM to noon, or 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. The BAT is also free for undergraduate and graduate students and appears to be a huge investment in human capital. The connections that can be made and the opportunities that can occur as a result of just taking the BAT can be very beneficial and worthwhile. The BAT itself tries to match the strengths of any particular student with an employer’s needs, so students will not have to worry about not knowing everything about a certain concept. Students can register for this test online, through the Brock web site.

This test can also be taken online at home. All that is required is a webcam to take the test from home, but apart from that no additional prep is necessary. It is an all multiple choice test and the scores are all entered anonymously into the BAT database where thousands of firms can use the information to find internship and full time employment candidates. The structure of this aptitude test not only benefits the student taking it, but the employer as well.

Apart from this test that has been held at the school for several years now, the Goodman School of Business at Brock has other connection with Bloomberg. Just recently, the Goodman School of Business has offered access to Bloomberg for our business students. It provides financial software tools and other data and news on finance.

Bloomberg has been known as one of the best interactive financial information network out there, and the fact that Brock has access to Bloomberg demonstrates how much our business school and the number of business student enrollment at Brock is growing. Through this new financial network service, students are able to get hands on experience through the daily use of the official training on Bloomberg Professional. This program demonstrates skills that are currently required by future employees in the business field.

Currently on campus, the Goodman School of Business has eight research terminals that are accessible to all professors and students. Graduates of the Goodman School of Business also have another terminal in their dedicated computer lab. Two of these terminals are located within Brock’s James A. Gibson Library, and it can also be used by all of Brock. The rest are all located in Taro Hall.

The Bloomberg Assessment Test will be placed Saturday September 28 – remember to register online to reserve your spot.

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