Tech tips for new Brock students

As a new student at Brock University, there may be a few things you don’t know. How to navigate MacKenzie Chown; what the “ST” in the abbreviation “ST147” stands for; whether or not class is cancelled due to a snow storm. Luckily, there’s a plethora of services and sites that can help you be better prepared for each day at Brock.

1. Link Brock mail to your personal e-mail

Anyone who has used the Brock e-mail system can tell you that it’s not the best service out there. While reliable, the interface can be cumbersome and feel archaic. Luckily, better e-mail providers have developed ways for you to funnel all you’re incoming e-mail to a single account.

I would recommend using Gmail; not because I know it’s the best, but because I know it works. It has an easy to use interface, an indexed archive option that allows you to search your entire history of mail, and it’s a generally respected name to have come after the @.
Regardless of the service you use, look under settings to import other accounts to that inbox. If that inbox is accessible from your phone, even better. You’ll never miss an e-mail about a cancelled class or upcoming test again.

2. Useful Bookmarks

There are many web sites that, under the right circumstances, offer information that can be vital to Brock students. Having your browser set up to access and find these sites is a great way to stay informed.

Obviously is a universally important site for the Brock community that can offer plenty of relevant information, the least of which is whether or not the school is closed due to


The student media outlets can keep you up to date on developments within the community and upcoming events., and are all worthwhile additions to your bookmarks bar.

Sakai, the online interface between students and teaching staff is another great bookmark to keep as you will no doubt be using it this semester to check weekly readings or current marks.

3. Quick Reference

Despite the practicality of the above tips, it would be foolish to assume everyone has consistent access to their computer. This is why your phone is another great place to store useful info that you will need at least once in your first few months at Brock.

Ideally saved as photos, or even as the lock/home screen, the following are very useful for reference around campus.
-Class schedule
-Brock University campus map (with legend for abbreiviations)
-Bus schedule (Routes 116 and 122 are recommended)

4. Social Media

Last and most obviously, if you are on any social media outlets, be sure to follow, like and whatever else you do on any Brock or Brock media outlet accounts.

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