Take advantage, take part: what Brock has to offer

Milli Simonics- The Brock Press

When you first move away to university, things can be scary.  Easy tasks like grocery shopping and doing laundry become horrifying trips into the unknown, no matter how familiar you were with these tasks at home. But there is no reason to be intimidated; most people, if not all new students, are in the same position as you.

Opinion - finalyearbluesThe Brock University Student Union (BUSU) does an excellent job of welcoming students and making them feel at home, all in a week’s time. They offer a plethora of activities that are meant to make you comfortable in your new home and even help you make new friends. Your first orientation week will hopefully be a week you always remember. Mine sure was; I played condom poker with my roommates, collected plenty of free things at the vendor fair, signed up for almost every club, and vowed to take part in all the various events Brock has to offer. The fun does not stop during O-week, there are many great events throughout the year that can aid in your social life and act as excellent distractions from your classes.

I really want to emphasize the importance of attending events and taking part in clubs throughout the year; these things define your university experience just as much as the degree you achieve. Involving yourself in more activities than just your studies is one of the great perks of being young and  a part of such an amazing community.

My advice is to all students, freshmen and seniors, is to seize the opportunities given to you. Attend poetry readings, debate meetings, dramatic performances, or sporting events. You can even take part in these activities by joining teams and clubs. I urge you to do so because in the past four years of my university experience I probably did more in my first week than I did over four years, which I (and countless others) have come to regret.

As a result I am in a desperate rush to take part in all things Brock, in hopes of experiencing a fulfilled student life. I took on the presidency of the only club I ever actually attended which I might add was not until fourth year. I also signed up for several other clubs, with the intention of attending events and doing more than just homework at school this year. My most significant act of final-year-desperation was joining the Ice Breakers team: the welcoming committee in purple shirts who ran events around campus with a huge level of enthusiasm. Working as an icebreaker was probably the best week at Brock I have ever had; I made so many new friends (with fellow ice breakers and new students), and I learned a ton of interesting and random things. Most importantly, it was a chance for me to participate in something fun and exciting, while sharing that fun with others.

My inspiration to take part was the result of fear that these opportunities will rarely be presented to me once I graduate. The sad and scary truth is that the chance to participate in random events and clubs specialising in our unique interests will not be as available as they are now. So get out there and get involved! Do not wait until your final year to participate, start now and live it up Badgers, there is so much that Brock has to offer!

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