Spain Searching for Winner of $6.3M Lottery

Celia Carr- The Brock Press

The country of Spain is on the lookout for a missing lottery winner of 4.7 million euros (6.3 million dollars) after a ticket was turned into a local store in the Northern city of La Coruna. The ticket for the June 30, 2012, drawing was found in one of the city’s authorized lottery agency outlets by another customer who gave it to the manager of the store. The manager called the authorities and the story is now being publicized in an attempt to find leads. After many failed attempts to find the winner, the city is now making a public plea for the winner to come forward. The news has circulated all over the country and globally.

lottery“I’ll be the first Spanish mayor who’s searching for a millionaire not to ask for money but to give it,” La Coruna Mayor Carlos Negreira said jokingly in a statement to sources.

The winning ticket has even been posted on the city’s website for lost-and-found items along with cellphone, keys and wallets.

The authorities are not releasing where or when the ticket was purchased so that they can question people who come forward and claim to be the winner of the prize and determine if they are telling the truth. There are dozens of lottery outlets in La Caruna, and therefore people who claim to be the winner must be very specific. People will also be questioned on their series of numbers or number they usually choose to try and make sure it goes to the right person, however is it understood that the buyer could have had their numbers chosen randomly by a machine. Authorities checked the cameras at the location it was found to see if they could make out who may have left it, but nothing was found or seen.

The city with a population of 246 000 people is a well-known tourist destination so it is also possible that the ticket was purchased by a tourist, which could make it very difficult to find the winner.

The search for the missing winner will last up to two years as La Caruna is required by law to try to find the winner. Spanish statutes made in 1889 states that cities must safeguard lost tickets and make every effort to find the legitimate buyer. The city is really pressing to find the winner of the ticket but if the winner is not found within the two year, the jackpot will go to the person who found it.

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