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Despite the program review and the projected operating budget deficit of more than $7 million at Brock University this year, Career Services is still trying their best at making sure the students at Brock are being accounted for. The Shop for Jobs Fair, which is being held on September 17th at the Pen Centre from noon to 6:00 p.m, is being run this year by both Brock Career Services and Niagara College.

Opinionpg13The Shop for Jobs Fair has been run by both schools for five years and the event itself maintains its effectiveness. Over the years, career services have worked with the partners to modify and improve the event to fit both the needs of the employers and the students; based on feedback that they have received, the event has always been highly successful.  The way that this event is being marketed (over Facebook and Twitter) has created a positive response from the students by being presented in a way that’s relatable to them.

The Shop for Jobs fair is designed to provide student employment for those in need of it, and being a student a little extra money couldn’t hurt. This event is exclusively meant for all Brock and Niagara students, and is being held in a place we all know and have grown familiar with – The Pen Centre. Students will be able to meet with various employers from the mall to have quick, on-the-spot job interviews.

Not only is the structure of this event convenient for the student population in the Niagara region, but the fact that the job opportunities are within the mall itself makes it even better. The mall has a very diverse range of retail and food services, something that can appeal to everyone. The bussing from the mall can go pretty much anywhere in St. Catharines, especially to the majority of, if not all, the student living areas. The mall itself is also just minutes away from the University, with more than one bus route leading to The Pen from Brock. The Shop for Jobs event helps to show students the different kinds of opportunities that they have while they’re at Brock, and to give them a little more financial freedom than they thought they could have, being a student.

Career services however have not only made this event possible; they are also helping students prepare beforehand. On the Facebook promotion page for the event, they have provided a list of the participating stores that will be at the event. The Career Resource Centre (located on the first floor of the Learning Commons) have also offered to help review resumes and cover letters that the employers will be collecting at the event during the on-the-spot interviews. As posted on the Facebook page, the Career Resource Centre has offered to help revise these as well, “By knowing what stores are participating and what employers you are interested in speaking with, we will be sure to spice up your resume and have it tailored for that specific position so you can stand out from the crowd!”

Since the Career Services office has opened, it has done nothing but try and help out the students. Amy Elder, Director of Career Services at Brock has said, “We’ve tried to make it more convenient for students to access our basic services, such as walk-in resume and cover letter reviews, on-line workshops/resources, and information via social media.”

Amy also mentioned that the office itself has combined with the Co-op office and Goodman Careers to share a job posting site called Career Zone, which also is a easy web page to navigate that students are offered throughout the year. On top of creating mentorship programs, the career services office has also worked with the Department of Residences and BUSU to bring an event called ExperienceBU to campus, where students can find out about the events, volunteer opportunities, community events, club information and much more on campus and within the community. All in all, since it opened, Career Services has been doing nothing but help the students which is very comforting, especially with Brock’s current financial state.

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