Prepare to get trashed

By Aaron Walsh – The Brock Press

Around this time last year, it was a glorious summer night, the bass thundering into the night sky and a lightshow that could have challenged the northern lights. A wave of glow sticks, confetti and smoke spewing into the roars of approval from the crowd truly showed that Brock had become a hub for the freshest club anthems and DJs. This was all thanks to entertainment provided by last year’s DJ and former Swedish House Mafia member Steve Angello (AKA The Boss). This year’s attraction is the latest sensation Tommy Trash and he has a lot to live up to.

The time has come to welcome Badgers of old and new for the upcoming year of hard academic graft and dedication. What better way to begin by starting with the social extravaganza that is O-Week. Over the last two years Brock University has been a beacon for some of the biggest dance music acts and this year is no different. There has been mixed reception from Badgers when the announcement occurred from BUSU’s official Facebook and Twitter sites. It is the case that not all music tastes can be accommodated for, but many Badgers feel that Tommy Trash is unheard of in comparison to the previous acts such as Avicii and Steve Angello. Tweets such as “LOL WHO???” and “nobody knows who he is….” dated back from August 16th have undermined the recording artist. Tommy Trash may not be fully established on the mainstream sphere as of yet; but it was the same when looking back at Avicii. Trash is in fact already established around the globe. Such areas lie within his native Queensland Australia, all around Europe and in the United States for his underground sound. Trash’s biggest track to date “Reload” has been with the collaboration of artists Sebastian Ingrosso ex-member of Swedish House Mafia and singer John Martin. Martin’s vocals were a part of the hit song “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia. But that isn’t all the “Aussie” DJ has managed to achieve within his career.

Back in 2011, a young and upcoming 21 year old was announced by BUSU as the concert headliner. His name, Tim Bergling who is now recognized as Avicii. Just as it is now for Tommy Trash, Avicii or Tim Bergling had only one track that had hit the mainstream and was establishing momentum. “Levels” became so big, that hip hop rapper Flo Rida got into trouble for ripping Avicii’s copyrighted music for his hit rap song “Good Feeling”. But still Avicii was for the most part unheard of. Following on from that performance at Brock University, Avicii has headlined the prestigious electronic music festival Ultra in 2012. Based within Miami, he was introduced onto the stage by multi music award winning artist Madonna, to which Avicii remixed her track “Girl Gone Wild”. Recently in July, Avicii had struck number one within the UK with his track “Wake Me Up” which sold 267,000 copies in the first week of its release. In other words Avicii was a diamond in the rough, it was only a matter of time before he exploded on to the big stage; the same can be expected of Tommy Trash.

Tommy Trash’s recent release of “Reload” has been the main vocal point by which BUSU has attempted to promote the DJ. The track was used by the Swedish House Mafia to end each of their shows on The One Last Tour, following their announcement that the trio would cease to exist as a performing group. Tommy Trash has also worked on tracks by Steve Aoki and Wynter Gordon; the track named “Ladi Dadi” was remixed by the Australian and should be expected to be blasted out on Wednesday night. Other tracks such as “Monkey See Monkey Do”, was released on Steve Angello’s record label Size Records. It doesn’t stop there either; Trash has also featured on Tiesto’s Dance (RED) saves lives album, in fighting the war on AIDS within Africa. As well as collaborating with Tiesto, Trash has also been announced as a resident DJ with the likes of Tiesto, Calvin Harris and DeadmauS in the lavish club Hakkasan based in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The three of Trash’s fellow resident DJ’s have combined annual earnings for 2013 of $99,000,000. This is based according to the Forbes rich list of house music innovators. This demonstrates that Trash is regarded as one of the elite in terms of producing house music.

In order to appreciate how much of a big act Tommy Trash is, research is necessary to appreciate that BUSU has delivered on bringing a big name to Brock University. House music does not appeal to everyone but rest assured Tommy Trash will put on an entertaining show. It will certainly kick-start any Badger to get in the mood for the upcoming school year.

The show will be on Wednesday, September 4th. The doors will open at 7:00pm. Tickets are on sale at the door or will be free for access gold members.


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